Monday, October 1, 2012

September Summary & October Goals

I'm kind of sad September is over. I feel like I've missed out on sunny September days when I should have been out enjoying the last bit of summer...but I think that's because we've been getting a lot of rainy weather, so there haven't been a lot of nice days to enjoy.

Good stuff:
  • My treadmill is back in working order
  • The new Zumba schedule is working out really well for me
  • I feel like I'm back in a more normal workout routine...

September Workouts
01: Ellen Barrett Barefoot Cardio DVD[45 mins]
04: Strength Circuit[35 mins]
05: Pick Your Level Pilates DVD[30 mins]
09: Kathy Smith Staying Strong - UB + Abs[30 mins]
10: Kathy Smith Staying Strong - legs + Glutes[30 mins]
11: Zumba
13: Zumba
18: Zumba
20: Zumba
22: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Total Body[30 mins]
24: Crunch Joy Of Yoga[35 mins]
25: Zumba
28: Jackie Warner Xtreme Circuit
30: Strength Circuit[45 mins]
Not so good stuff...
Actually, I don't have too many complaints at the moment, aside from the rainy weather. 
  • The days are getting shorter and my sunrise alarm clock is pretty much at the end of it's life. I've ordered a new sunrise clock though, and it can't rain forever. We're bound to get some sunny autumn days soon.
  • We have a portable dishwasher and last night, as I was rolling it across the kitchen to the sink, I managed to smash my hand between the dishwasher and the pointy edge of the china cabinet. That's not so good. I'm sure I didn't do any serious damage, but it's mighty sore and I think I am on my way to a rather spectacular bruise. 
Onward to October!
Exercise: I want to keep the momentum going. September was decent, a good mix of activities, I want more of the same.

Eating: Husband came home from Japan and noted that I am pretty much off the wagon when it comes to avoiding wheat & dairy. I was going through a phase where I just couldn't think of things I  wanted to eat and didn't want to be bothered with cooking. Which leads to making poor choices when I finally decide I'm hungry and I need to eat. So, at the time, I decided it was better to let myself have a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on whole grain bread than to eat potato chips for dinner (sad but true). So far I seem to be doing okay with the wheat & dairy, so I'm just going to see how things go.

However, there have been some bad habits creeping in. Like those bags of potato chips that are so easy to grab from the lunchroom at work. I don't need to be eating those every day. So my goal is to stay away from them for the next four weeks. I can do that.

Still picking tomatoes - at least I was a week ago. It rained really hard all weekend, so I didn't get out to the garden, but the previous weekend I brought in another bucket full. Aren't they pretty?

So we have been eating lots of tomatoes...Really, there is pasta under that pile of tomatoes, olives & feta. 

I have also experimented with taking pictures of the moon. I was surprised at what I can get with my little camera and lack of photography experience. This was cropped out of a larger image taken with a 55-250mm lens.

Today was a busier day than I wanted it to be, and I didn't quite manage to get everything done that I  had hoped, but I still accomplished a lot. The rest can wait for tomorrow. October off to a good start!


Christy said...

Glad to hear your month is starting off well :)

Holy tomatoes, they look delicious!

Let's keep the momentum going through October - I'm going to check in on you!!

JavaChick said...

Thanks Christy - I can use the support!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Sorry, late to the party, but hope October is going well? I'm newly on track myself after quite a bit of summer (and fall) overindulgence, so I can totally relate to how things tend to ebb and flow. But it's the long haul that counts, right?

JavaChick said...

Hi Crabby! October started out well...with a little backsliding over the long weekend (as will happen). Still trying to stay positive though. :)

the Bag Lady said...

(Ha, Crabby thought SHE was late!)
Those tomatoes look fabulous - I am totally jealous since I didn't plant any this year (except one in a pot on the deck that was supposed to be purple, but turned out to be plum tomatoes - still good, but not purple!)
And I'm still wondering what October goats are... 'cause that's what I saw when I read your headline in my feed (with my new contact lenses!)

JavaChick said...

Hi Bag Lady! That's too bad - I was curious to see those purple tomatoes. :)