Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week Five: My Week of Eating Everything

This was February Fork Off Week in Saint John. We started with lunch out on Wednesday and I feel like I've been stuffed to the gills since then. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed ourselves, but I can't imagine ever being hungry again (I know that will change; I think I'm looking forward to it).

We actually had a blizzard this week. A Blizzard Warning was posted on the weather page on Friday. Not something we see often. It ended up not being all that bad where we are, fortunately, but a lot of places had heavy snow fall and/or lost power. We were lucky.

We do, unfortunately, have a Boil Water order at the moment, which is always inconvenient. Hopefully that will be over soon.

So it has certainly not been a typical week. Hopefully this coming week we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Frank & Zappa making a determined effort to sleep through the cold, cold, weather we had last week.

Stormy weather during the day on Saturday...

Which did not keep us from our Italian By Night dinner reservation, and a four course meal. Yes, I brought home leftovers.
~ Hers ~
 ~ His ~

Scenes from our drive home. This first building is where I go to noon time yoga when I can. Taken through the window of a moving car on a snowy night - excuse the blur!

The aftermath - very little snow, but more damage to our cat fence. 


Jess said...

Oh wow it looks sooo cold there!! Sounds like you made the best of it!

MIz said...

and how pretty the BLUR IS!!!!