Tuesday, August 5, 2014

PIYO Challenge Diary: Week 4 of 8

Taking it day by day this week...

Okay, things are getting hard. So yesterday (Sunday) was the first time through Strength Intervals. It was only about 25 minutes, but intense. Since it was a Sunday, and I had my sneakers on for that one, I decided to hop on the treadmill for a short, easy walk. Seemed okay at the time, but later in the evening I was completely zonked.

Today was Sweat again, which is another fairly intense one. Today it felt really hard. Toward the end, you do a series of wide squats, then add on squats where you are touching the floor and then reaching up, then some burpees. I normally can get through this - it's actually a segment that I like - but today after the first set of  burpees (the squat to burpee routine is repeated twice), I actually had to stop. I was feeling a little light headed, seeing spots, and my chest was freaked me out a bit to be honest. Anyway, I waited out that second set and then was able to finish the rest. Now I am feeling kind of tired an achey. Actually, both last night and tonight, Husband has asked me if I'm okay; I said I'm just tired.

I don't know if it's because things are amping up. Or maybe I am just exhausted at the moment - last week was fairly stressful at work, with Friday being the worse; one of those weeks where you feel like work is a marathon, you know? With a little effort, I was able to let it go over the weekend, but I think I dreamed about work last night, and today was another hard one (thankfully, I think we've reached the other side and things should calm down).

Today I had the choice of Core or the bonus workout: Hardcore on the Floor. I waffled back and forth, but decided to stick with Core since I have a hard enough time with that one. I also had an uncomfortably bloated belly by the end of the day for some reason - no idea why, did not eat anything out of the ordinary. Definitely did not make me enthusiastic about a core workout.

Core is my least favourite of the PIYO workouts so far, I have a really hard time with it, and it hasn't felt like it is getting any better. Today was the fourth time through, and it was the worst so far. I cannot tell you how much it sucked. I almost burst into tears more than once - the first time being when I got into the first side plank and promptly fell back on my butt. I almost feel like I shouldn't count it as done, for the number of times I ended up just sitting, frustrated, on the mat.

I am going to chalk it up to a bad day and hope the next time is better.

Today was Buns - my favourite I think! It's challenging - lots of squats, lungest and burpees - but I find just when I am starting to think I can do no more, there is a switch, so I think the pacing is good in this one. I definitely feel like I worked hard, but I kept up. 

New workout called Drench. I was not too keen going into this. The countdown timer showed 48 minutes at the start, and for the first little while I kept looking at the timer thinking I don't want to do a workout this long...Until I forgot to stop checking because I was too busy concentrating on the workout. It actually went by pretty quickly; you definitely don't have time to get bored.

Yesterday, during Buns, I noticed that I mostly felt it in my quads, not my glutes, and it made me wonder if I was doing something wrong. But there was one segment today - Power I think - where my glutes were definitely burning, so I guess maybe it just depends on the moves?

In each segment, moves are introduced and you build flows. As you learn the moves (theoretically, anyway), the reps get cut down; that's pretty standard for PIYO, and many other workouts. In this one, some of the flows got faster in the end and I couldn't keep up. Maybe that will change, since I'm still not quite comfortable with all of the moves yet. I'd say that is one complaint I have in general though, sometimes the changes are so fast and I miss them. Most of the workouts are short, and you are not doing a lot of reps, so it feels like every move should count. Obviously, the more you do it, the more familiar you will get, but I can't say I'm conifdent that will happen in the next 4 weeks. Of course, there is no reason I can't repeat the program, and do better the next time around.

I'm resting! It is actually rest day, according to my schedule. I had switched my Thursday workout to Friday last week, so I've done 7 days in a row (for the second time). We have friends coming Sunday evening to spend the day on Monday, then leaving Tuesday morning, so I had been thinking that I would just keep going with the workouts, since I expect I won't get one in on Monday.

Yesterday's Drench was definitely a tough one, though. Then my cats decided that 3:30 was a good time for me to get up, and I didn't get back to sleep until 5:30-ish. I woke up feeling very sluggish, and my body just feels tired. And, for the first time with this program, I actually feel a bit sore today. So, I decided finally decided I needed a day off from PIYO, and I'll just live with the adustment to my workout schedule later in the week.

Feel much better today, after a decent night's sleep! Was on my feet most of the day, doing chores around the house, getting some shopping done, and my legs and feet were already a little tired going into Sweat, but I got a decent workout in and that is one more crossed off the calendar!

I had good intentions, but this was just a day where nothing worked out as planned. So now two workouts behind.

...And now here it is Tuesday and I am officially 3 days behind. Our friends came Sunday, we had a busy day yesterday, lots of fun, but late getting to bed last night. They left this morning, and we went off to work. I had every intention of coming home and jumping back intot he PIYO schedule, but part way through the morning I started feeling crappy...And just kept feeling worse as the day went on. I have a sore throad and I'm really tired and draggy, and a little sniffly...So I am goofing off tonight, planning on early bed time, and hoping I will feel better tomorrow...

And that's July! Can't complain really...

01: YDL Sun Salutations Flow #1
02: Garden
03: YDL Moon Salutations Flow #1
05: PIYO Align: The Fundamentals (about 20 min, then the power went out - Thank you Arthur)
07: PIYO Align: The Fundamentals
08: PIYO Define: Lower Body + Treadmill Walk [25 mins]
09: PIYO Define: Upper Body
11: PIYO Sweat
12: PIYO Define: Lower Body + Garden
13: PIYO Define: Upper Body
14: PIYO Sweat
15: PIYO Define: Lower Body
16: PIYO Core
17: PIYO Define: Upper Body
19: PIYO Sweat
20: PIYO Core
21: PIYO Define: Upper Body
22: PIYO Buns
23: PIYO Core
25: PIYO Define Lower Body
26: PIYO Sweat
27: PIYO Strength Intervals + Treadmill Walk[24 mins]
28: PIYO Sweat
29: PIYO Core
30: PIYO Buns
31: PIYO Drench

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