Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Give Up

Well, not really. 

I come here and I complain about not exercising. My motivation has absconded (possibly for tropical climes). Plans keep going awry.

Often, when I come here and complain, I realize why things are working, I correct, and go on my merry way. At least I think that used to work? But that's not happening.

So I give up. Meaning I don't want to talk about it anymore. I will still try to figure this out. I was actually feeling a bit more energetic this weekend, which makes me a little hopeful. And I am going to leave it at that for now.

In case anyone is interested, we had 6 feet of snow land on us in February. It's been pretty impressive, I must say. I was pretty okay with it, but I am ready for it to start melting a way, and for the weather to start warming up now. I am getting tired of winter coats and boots, and the cats have definitely had enough.

I gave in and shoveled a path on the deck a couple of weekends ago...

So that the cats could at least go out and scratch their deck post.

Then it snowed some more, so last weekend I shoveled again. Notice how the steps down from the deck end in a drift now?

But it was at least a sunny and relatively warm day...

I think Frank is maybe catching a whiff of spring in the air?

And then it snowed some more, so I went out and shoveled again today. We've had a few warm-ish days, and I can definitely see that the snow on the deck is shrinking a bit. The deck stairs still end in that monster drift, but I have hopes that spring is coming.


CARLA said...

Ive lamented the nonstop rain here lately.
I shall cease lamenting.

solarity said...

My motivation is off south of here looking for spring. It sounds like you've got a fine exercise program shoveling, though

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Crabby McSlacker said...

OK, so you do realize that snow shoveling counts as major exercise? :)

And I suspect that the 6 feet of snow and the struggle with activity level could be related... from what I understand it can be VERY demotivating!

Sounds like signs of spring (and hope!) in the air...

Dr. J said...

Those are great looking cats!! I have a little feral black calico. She just came to the door one day a few years ago as a baby and picked me. She is my first cat, and I am her first person.

Jess said...

Oh I love your photos! I have never seen so much snow in my life! Amazing :)

JavaChick said...

I'm not sure I was doing enough shoveling to make up for all the exercise I wasn't getting. In any case, I hope that is done with now.

Dr. J! I meant to congratulate you and your feline friend on finding one another. I am an animal lover in general, but I think cats are something special. :)

Thanks Jess, it is more snow than we usually see as well.