Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ups and downs. Sun and cloud.

Three times now I have started to write a post only to abandon it unfinished. Here I go again. This time I mean it.

We're having an on-again-off-again spring. It gets warm and sunny, then turns cold and dreary.

We had a lovely warm, sunny stretch for a bit in April and I had energy. I was doing yoga. I was feeling great. I was thinking: "I've got this! I'm back!"

Then it turned cold and dreary, and my energy disappeared, and I was back in my comfy chair with my e-reader.

Spring is just so slow in coming this year.
 (April 22)

Heading towards the end of April, Husband came down with a chest cold and cough. He was trying to blame me, he says I started coughing first, but he was definitely sick 3 or 4 days before I was.

April 25 I volunteered at a fund raising walk for the community Autism center here. I manned a photo booth for the kids, which was fun. It was freezing cold. There were still patches of snow around and ice in the lakes at the park. I shivered the whole time.

By the following Monday, I definitely had the chest cold. I spent the week working from home, to spare my co-workers from having to listen to me cough all day.

I found crocuses in my garden though.

See how they are inside the fence?

Lasted about a week and then something (deer-can-jump-really-high-when-they-want-to) ate them.

The cough actually took a couple of weeks to go away. My energy to do things was still missing.

Two weeks ago on Monday (May 11), I was at work. It was late morning, getting towards noon, and Husband calls me to tell me he needs me to take him to the hospital because he thinks he broke or dislocated his finger. So we spent about 3 hours at the hospital, and since then he's been wearing a splint and waiting for a call from a plastic surgeon because they think the has damaged the tendons and/or ligaments.

Slowly coming to life.

This past Monday was Victoria Day Holiday. I took the Friday off, so I had a 4 day weekend. Sunday was rainy, so we went for brunch and did shopping, but Friday, Saturday and Monday were warm and sunny. Hello energy! Nice to see you again! I had a very happy weekend doing things around the house and yard. Cleaned and refilled bird feeders. Put out the hummingbird feeders. Spent lots of time digging in the garden. It was pretty fabulous.

And now we are back to dreary. Or sunny. Then dreary. And rainy. But maybe the sun might peek through for a while. Mother Nature can't make up her mind.

The birds are back, and I am once again obsessed with my camera and trying to get the perfect shot of whoever happens to be hanging around a feeder.

Tree Sparrow
(May 10)

White Crowned Sparrow
(May 14)

First hummingbird sighting of the year - Frank and I were sitting right there on the deck.
(May 18)

 Ever wonder what it looks like when a hummingbird is flying straight at you?
(May 22)

So. Slow.
(May 22)

 Irate Chickadee as I use the table which formerly held a bird feeder to pot seedlings.
(May 22)

Hummingbird just went for the far feeder.

All is forgiven when I place the feeder at the corner of the deck railing.


CARLA said...

so glad to see you back and blogging

Jess said...

Your photos are magical! Looks so beautiful where you live! Nothing worse then backwards and forwards weather and being sick to drag you down. Hope spring springs properly for you soon! :)