Sunday, October 4, 2015

September: Progress and Lack Thereof

So...Remember how at the end of August we started renovating our bathroom? And then there was the unexpected replacement of toilet and sink, which then did not match tub? So we decided to go ahead and replace that too. We had to order the tub, wait for them to actually make it an ship it, which was supposed to take 3 weeks...And then they lost it! How do you lose a tub? They are not small.

So we are still waiting.

Our house is still a disaster because everything that was in our bathroom is now strewn all over the house (amazing how much stuff we had stored in that one little room), plus we were going to have the flooring replaced in Husband's den when we did the bathroom floor, so that stuff is all over the place.

And...the weather turned suddenly cold. It is is cold in our bathroom, because the radiator was ripped out in anticipation of being replaced by radiant heat tile, and the switch for the fan is gone, so we've been opening the window when we shower. And then the weather got colder and we realized the breakers were turned off for all the rest of the heat sources in the house as well. We did get the heat for the kitchen floor turned back, which made a big difference.

All in all, I've been a bit frustrated and stressed.

There has been some stress eating. And stress shopping. Neither one of those things is really all that helpful. Not going to beat myself up over it, just going to carry on. Hopefully a tub will show up soon and we can get this show back on the road.

  • Still enjoying Les Mills Pump. I actually had thoughts about that that I had planned to write here, but I feel like I've used up most of my text for this post already, complaining about my bathroom.
  • Did not get very far with CIZE. Unfortunately, I just find it kind of tedious. I end up wishing I was doing Zumba. Though I did like the 8 Count Abs workout the one time I tried it. I should do that one again.
  • Overall, I was happy with what I did. Even bumped up my weights for a couple of tracks in my last Pump & Shred session. Hoping October workouts go as well.
This past week kind of went off track - just too many other things going on, but I plan to get going again, starting tomorrow.

September Workouts
02: LM Pump & Burn
03: CIZE Crazy 8s + 8 Count Abs
04: LM Pump & Shred + 5 Zumba Songs
05: PiYo Buns + 25 min Treadmill Walk
07: LM Pump & Burn
08: 25 min Mall Walk + 25 min Treadmill Walk
09: LM Pump & Shred
10: 25 min Walk
12: 25 min Mall Walk + YDL Gentle Hatha #1 60 min
15: 45 min Treadmill Walk
17: 25 min Walk + LM Pump & Shred
19: LM Pump & Shred
21: LM Pump & Shred
23: 20 min Mall Walk + PYL Pilates
24: 25 min Walk + LM Pump & Shred
26: LM Pump & Shred
28: 20 min Mall Walk + Moon Salutation Flow

September Photos
I can't believe September is over already! 

Had to get creative with some containers and old bits of fencing after some of my pots and plants got knocked over. Notice those plants growing in the gravel? They came up from seed and actually produced tomatoes this year. I've had little seedlings start before, but they don't usually produce anything.

Peppers grew really well this year lots of jalapenos!

Random chickadee, just because. :)

This would be one of the tomato plants that came up from seed.

Things were really starting to ripen. It turned cold so suddenly though; still a lot of green tomatoes out there that will probably not ripen now.

At least I managed to get something though - wondered if I would with the deer and raccoons making themselves at home in my yard.

Bundled up and watched the lunar eclipse from our deck (the first phase anyway, then it was late and I had to go to bed; I'm a wimp). The moon looked amazing that night, so large and clear.

September 27, 9:07 pm

September 27, 10:11 pm

September 27,  10:50 pm

 September 27, 11:10 pm


CARLA said...

I love your eclipse images.
You should frame in a "series" frame just like youve posted here!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Funny, I've been offline a bit and trying to catch up, and "lack of progress" seems to be a pretty universal theme! Don't know if there's something astrological going on (don't actually believe in that) or what, but you are not alone.

And "how do you lose a tub?" is a really good question! Hope it all sorts itself out soon.

Jess said...

Oh that Chickadee is adorable! And love your eclipses too! Those renovations sound sooo stressful!