Sunday, December 6, 2015

November Non-Accomplishments

I had  goals. I had good intentions. You know: do healthy stuff, work out, get my house organized now that the bathroom renovations were finally done. Oh well.

Here is my workout list from November:

01: Crunch Fat Burning Pilates
02: LM Pump & Shred
03: Crunch Fat Burning Pilates
04: 25 min Mall Walk
05: 25 min Walk + LM Pump Challenge
16: LM Pump Challenge
17: Crunch Fat Burning Pilates
18: LM Pump & Shred
19: Crunch Burn & Firm Pilates
20: LM Pump & Burn
24: LM Pump Revolution
26: LM Pump & Burn
28: Rockin' Body: Mark, Move & Groove + Party Express

You may notice some gaps in there...Things started off okay, then I came down with a cold...Finally felt better and had an excellent run of workouts. I was feeling really good! Energetic! Until I started feeling crappy again...It felt like the worse case of allergies ever, but allergy meds didn't seem to help much. I have been exhausted and just dragging myself around...And oh look, it's December.

We did make some progress on getting the house back to normal...The living room is almost cleared of stuff that does not belong...A lot has been cleared from the kitchen...The spare room is still uninhabitable, but I'll get to it. By spring for sure, since my parents will probably plan a visit, which will force me to clean!

I finally feel better today. Which means I spent the day running around the house trying to catch up on at least a few of the things that I haven't been doing. I am now tired, but at least it is the kind of tired that comes from having been busy getting things done, which is completely different from the misery-induced tired I had been feeling. 

At this point, I am just hoping that it lasts longer than a week. Or a day.

I have no pretty pictures to share, unless you want to see more pictures of my new bathroom? I did not pick up my camera at all this month. Granted, November is not the most scenic time of year in these parts, but seems to me I usually see something interesting.

But my bathroom is still making me happy so here:

Seriously; this accent tile! I am so glad we stuck to our guns on this when they said they weren't sure whether we could get it or not. I feel like it makes the whole thing.

The tub and surround that we waited 5 weeks for, with the new shower and faucet, etc. We had a plain, basic shower head before so this feels really fancy! It's a spa, every morning.

Love our new light fixtures!

Especially the vanity light.

I'm sure you are as sick of hearing about my bathroom renovations now as I was of living it for two months. I will try to at least have some cute cat pictures next month!

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