Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Emerging from winter hibernation

I give up. The winter slump seems to be a thing for me now. The past few years it just seems that I lose my mojo over the winter. This wasn't even a hard winter; we didn't  get much snow, we didn't get a lot of cold weather - pretty much the way I like my winter to be! 

Just when I started  to get my energy back and feel like I wanted to do things I got sick...and sick again. I had a head cold...Just when I was starting to get over that, I got the flu and that has been hanging on and taking forever to go away. I still find that I am tired, but I am finally feeling better.

I started a new workout program on the weekend. Brand new legs workout on Sunday. Result being I've been stiff and sore and feeling like I am walking funny for the past two days.

Today I had a volunteer event with a group of coworkers. We went out and picked up garbage. What a mess. People are disgusting. Is it really so hard to hold onto your coffee cup and your food wrapper until you find a garbage can? And there was one area where I'm sure people were just dumping stuff. 

Anyway, I spent the morning hobbling around on my sore, stiff legs. I did enjoy the fresh air. Now I am really tired and ready for bed. It's 8 pm. Hopefully my muscle soreness will be over with by tomorrow.  

A spectator for part of our clean up effort.

The result of our efforts.

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CARLA said...

THhe litter thing always shocks me as well.
WHO THINKS: OK Ill just drop everything right here where Im standing.
And, given what I pick up on my walks, it's a lot of people who do that.