Monday, February 12, 2018

Sweets for your Sweetheart

Couple of busy weeks coming up, starting today. Here we go!

- Was sore yesterday, particularly right hip. Expected worse to day, but is better. Still feeling the right hip and my right knee a bit though.
- Was aiming to try and get out of the house a bit earlier this morning, since we want to leave work early today, but Husband was the one slowing things down for a change.
- Our driveway, and the drive down to the road are solid ice. The car actually slid sideways down the hill, but fortunately not all the way to the road. It's garbage day, but we didn't see ourselves walking down the icy hill; put garbage in trunk and got out of the car at the bottom to put the garbage out.
- Lots of new Pokemon to catch on they way to work this morning! Yes, we are easily amused.

Breakfast: Coffee, cottage cheese and a clementine from the kitchen at work.

 Lunch: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Mole, popcorn and the clementine that I never got around to eating with breakfast.

- Being a day I need to leave a bit early, I'm in the midst of trying to resolve a problem when I look at the time are realize it is 4:28.
- Rushed out of the office, forgetting to change into my outdoor boots. Fortunately sidewalks in town are mostly clear.
- Met up with Husband, and we were off for a quick dinner before the main event.

Let the festivities begin!

I honestly walked into the restaurant planning to order a salad. But then we discovered two of the things we loved from the last Chop Chop week were on the menu: Street fries and Thai Hummus. We shared these, and husband also ordered some kind of chicken bites and Thai Brussels Sprouts.

And then off to the "Sweets For Your Sweetheart" whisky and dessert pairing.

- There were two seatings, and we chose the early seating even though it meant leaving work a little early and having a quick dinner; old fogies that we are, we didn't want to be out late on a Monday night.
- When we get home, our driveway is still looking like a skating rink. Husband takes a run up the hill, I brace myself to crash into the house or something; we did a bit of sliding around, but we made it safely into the garage.
- Husband then called our snow plow guy to have some sand dumped on our driveway before it's time to leave for work in the morning.
- Isabelle was a bit desperate to get outside as usual, but it was dark by this time and I wasn't going to risk going out and falling on any icy patches in the dark, so she'll just have to survive until tomorrow.

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