Friday, March 28, 2008

Weigh-In Day

Weigh In: 142.2(-0.6 lb)

I think I'm going to cry. Okay, not really. But I'm sooo tired today and I had this post all written and ready to go and somehow I've managed to delete it or something and I can't believe I did that and I'm too tired to do it all over again. Wah!

So, short & sweet. Down 0.6 lb - Good. A whole whack of exercise this week, and excellent mileage on the treadmill. Also good.

Tired from having my sleep interrupted last night. Yuck. Snowed all day. Yuck.

Deer were out today, after we got home from work:





Thanks to everyone who left comments on my Wednesday post. I appreciate the feedback on the sneaker situation. I will try to get back to The Running Room this weekend to return them. Hopefully they can get me a new pair of the same type of sneakers I have now. At the moment, that seems to be the best bet.

Now I'm going to put on my pajamas and crash.


the Bag Lady said...

Love the deer photos!
And good for you for taking the sneakers back. Don't worry about them thinking you're too picky or anything else. Just remember: It's Their Job to make sure you find the ones that are right for you!

Unknown said...

Did I ever say that I was super jealous of where you live! lol You are so lucky...

Good job on taking the other new sneakers back. I have gone a good couple of years running in the wrong ones and always was told these were the 'right ones' for me. Yes they felt good... but, they caused more problems in the end and thus not making running as enjoyable.

Congrats again on the wt loss!

Crissy Rae said...

Good for you! Yeah! It's always nice when the scale goes down after a hard week of work on the exercise front. Shows you are doing a good job.

sauchagirl said...

Great pics. Hurray for the weigh in. Go rest, you earned it!