Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday - sunny & cold

I have to confess - I have not been tracking points this week. I did on Friday, and started to on Saturday...then I just sorta got behind and couldn't be bothered. Have not stepped on the scale either. Guess I'm having a week off. Still trying to be sensible about eating (except I keep having chocolate-attacks) and doing my workouts.

Last night, did the upper body portion of this DVD:

   Kathy Smith: Timesaver - Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2

Then did another C25K session, plus extra walking for 45 minutes of cardio.

Then I got ready for bed, snuggled in with the cats and started reading:

   The Mermaid Chair

Turned out the light around 11 pm and passed out. Morning felt like it came too early, as usual. I was cold this morning, so I'm all dressed for winter again - was hoping I was finished with that, but I guess I was getting ahead of myself. Wearing my fancy boots though, so that makes me happy.


Unknown said...

Holy workout kittymama! lol Good job!

Heh, the eating thing has not been so great for me here the last couple of days... today I am trying to get it back in order.

Yeah, I have heard so many people say they just love snowboarding... I guess I am just too 'old' school and like my skiing better. :)

Thanks for the congrats! It is getting easier... but I do have my grouchy and hard days. :o)

HappyBlogChick said...

That's a lot of exercise!

I enjoyed the Mermaid Chair. My book club read it a while back. Hope you enjoy it, too.

I hear you on the tracking - my tracking fell by the wayside, too. I should go back and track today's and yesterdays ... if I wait I won't remember, but I could still do those days at this point. Last week I won't even try!