Thursday, April 8, 2010


I don't often buy my lunch, but when I do it's usually a Vegetarian Wrap from Sagrati's in the City Market.

However, along with my usual seed & gardening supply order, I recently set myself up to grow my own sprouts so today I created my own veggie wrap.

Sprouts, cucumber, tomatoes and Spicy Hummus on a whole wheat wrap, with just a little Mandarin Orange with sesame salad dressing. I may not do as neat of a wrapping job as the girls at Sagrati's, but it sure tasted good!


Jaime said...

it musta been good if you actually busted out a blog about it! haha.

Jackie said...

Sprouts are great. I just ordered a sprouter from Thompson & Morgan, so I can't wait to get some more variety than whats in the grocery stores.

Anonymous said...

I never thought to try and grow my own sprouts! No reason I couldn't... actually, I should head out today and buy seeds for my garden. It's getting to be that time. :)