Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At last you belong to me!

Once a year, in June, there is a huge Paderno sale at Harbour Station. Once a year, Husband and I have way too much fun walking around at the Paderno sale and spending money. We both love kitchen stuff. For a quite a few years now I have been dreaming of a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and this year at the Paderno sale they had them for $200 off....So guess what we walked out with!

After our expensive Paderno shopping trip, we headed out to dinner and to Costco. This is becoming our Friday night routine. Costco just opened here at the beginning of June. We have been loving their produce section.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur, including some gardening. Among other things, I planted my two new tomato plants in containers. Still lots to do though.


We've also been picking away at cleaning out the storage closet in our basement and Sunday we decided to just keep going and pull everything out. Many boxes were set aside to be dealt with later as we tackled the boxes of books. Many boxes of books.

Husband and I both read fantasy novels, which tend to come in series. We often find ourselves standing in the book store wondering whether we have a particular book sitting on the shelf (or packed away in a box) waiting to be read. So we decided to catalog all of our books. We had started a couple of weeks ago, doing a couple of boxes at a time, but then things got busy and the cataloging came to a standstill. Sunday we decided to keep going until they were done.

Then, I started sorting books by author, stacking them on the kitchen table.



Eventually the table was filled to capacity and I started putting books back into boxes, but this time they are at least sorted (we do plan to get more bookcases, we never intended these boxes to sit around for so long).

Eventually we decided we should break for supper. When I looked at the clock, it was 9 pm. No wonder I was tired and cranky. And we are nowhere near finished.

I've got boxes of books stacked in the living room (sorted).

There are still books and boxes on and around and under the kitchen table.

Husband wants to get rid of a bunch of books. He has no specific books in mind, he just decided that we should decrease the collection by half. Let's just say we have differing opinions on this matter.

There are boxes full of other stuff all over the basement.

Our house is still not quite put back together after the great living room makeover of 2010 (ongoing).

And. We are having company this weekend.

I'm a little stressed out.

At least the cats are happy.



the Bag Lady said...

I can relate to the stressed out feeling. I have company coming on the weekend, too, and feel like the house is a total disaster!
Good for you for sorting through your books, though. It will be great when you're done!

Miz said...

I COVET THAT KITCHEN MADE MIXER---and I rarely rarely use a mixer.

hope your weekend is more fun than frazzle!