Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunshine & Fog

I took this photo walking down the street a week ago. It was a beautiful, sunshine-y day and I thought the fog over the harbour looked pretty. And then I never got around to posting it.

I also added a new post to the garden blog, fully intending to write a post here as well. Which I never go around to.

So go check out the new garden pictures - lots of stuff there - and hopefully I will be back with an actual post soon!


the Bag Lady said...

Love the fog picture!
Am going now to look at garden pictures and preparing myself for being envious.

Lynn said...

The fog is really pretty, what a great shot!

Annette said...

awesome picture - and no on on the street! What time did you take it? Need to check out the garden blog now for some updates on the cats and veggies :-)

JavaChick said...

Thanks everyone! I took the photo with my iPhone so I wasn't sure how well it would come out, but it turned out ok. This was around 4 pm, it's not a crazy busy area but there usually are a few people around. Guess it was good timing!