Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 3 of Yoga

I was really looking forward to this lunch today, and it looked so good that I pulled out my iPhone to snap a photo. The reality lived up to the anticipation, too; it was a salad of leaf lettuce, cucumber, grape tomatoes and red bell pepper combined with a serving of soaked bulger that had been flavored with cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin and a little hit of roasted garlic flavored olive oil, then topped with hummus. It was oh-so-tasty, and for me, a perfectly satisfying lunch.

I've been thinking about food lately. Well, I suppose I always think about food. More accurate to say I've been thinking of food in terms of how it makes me feel. I wouldn't say that I have reached any final conclusion yet, but I've noticed a couple of interesting things. Which I fully intended to explore here, but of course things came up and now it's 10 pm and I want to go to bed. So not tonight.

I've just finished my Lunar Flow yoga workout. I have to say, enjoying Savasana with a cat purring on my stomach is not a bad way to end the day.


Jackie said...

My kitties quite enjoy getting into the yoga flow as well. It's hard to concentrate/relax when you have 2 of them trying to lay on you and the 2 dogs are standing over you trying to get your attention at the same time. Gotta love them.

solarity said...

Cats are so good at yoga. They must make excellent yoga accessories.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Sagan said...

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about food and the way it makes you feel!

Animals are great.