Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strawberry Jam!

I feel like I have been missing out on a lot of the usual summer things this year. Not sure why – it just seems like we’ve had so much on the go.

Last night though, we had nothing going on; we just relaxed at home. I took the cats out for a bit.


Frank looks deceptively relaxed doesn’t he? Just sitting there watching the world go by. If I was to turn my back on him, he’d likely be out of the harness and headed for the hills in no time. So I hung out with them a bit, then took them in. It was kind of a weird evening, warm & humid and kind of dark.

Later on in the evening – not sure what time it was – we had a major downpour. Husband was running around closing windows so we wouldn’t end up with puddles in the house.

Today we did one of those summer things that we haven’t been doing at all – we drove out to the farmer’s market. I thought I had missed strawberry season. I saw local strawberries in the SuperStore for a couple of weeks, and thought to myself that I ought to get some, but I was always rushing in and out. Next thing I knew they were gone.

Then what do we see in the farmer’s market today? Local strawberries! They were beautiful too. Four boxes quickly went into our basket.


So,  unexpectedly, I spent my afternoon doing another summer activity -  making freezer jam!


I was a little disappointed to discover that the lids on two of my plastic preserving containers were cracked – I haven’t even had them that long. Three were still good though, so I used a couple of glass jars and recycled an empty plastic container.

So happy to restock my freezer with strawberry jam. It’s my favorite! I asked husband if it would be bad form to scrape out the jam bowl and lick the spoon; he said I’d earned it.  :)


carla said...


I do lovelove me some homemade jam (and you know me. I buy it at the farmers market :))


the Bag Lady said...

Wonderful-looking jam!
I picked a cupful of red currants off the bush in my yard, which weren't enough to do anything with, so I hunted through my recipes and found one for Apricot Red Currant jam that called for exactly one cup of currants! Now I have to stop at the fruit truck and buy some apricots..... will be making jam soon!