Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My week of no exercise

I did exactly one ‘workout’ this week. I went for a 20 minute walk on Monday evening,mainly because I could not bear to report a a whole week of nothing. The rest of the week I have been trying to get ready for a long weekend away. Doesn’t really sound like it should be that much work. There’s only two of us, after all.

We have a house-and-cat-sitter coming, which is awesome. But I figured she might actually like to sleep while she is here, so I’d better find the bed in the spare room. I knew there was one in there somewhere.

I’ve been going through closets and dressers and baskets of stuff lately, trying to sort through way too much stuff. My method is to attack things in stages. Which means items get removed from closets and dressers and baskets and dumped in the spare room so I can figure out what to do with it all later. Fabulous system unless you actually want to get into the spare room.

Plus, Frank has been getting walks and Zappa has been getting lots of cuddles because I feel guilty that we are going away and leaving them. And also because that’s what they always get. Who am I kidding.

One more sleep, and we are off for a long weekend visiting both our families. I’m almost ready. Smile

Photos from the past week…

I was testing out the new remote I got for my camera and a new lens. Had to point the camera at something. Also, I really like this lamp.


Husband actually took this photo of Zappa, with the new lens. Zappa is hard to get photos of, especially close ups because as soon as he sees the camera pointed at him, he comes running.


Vegetarian Black Bean Tacos are totally not boring. Trust me.


My garden is beautiful right now. You should click on over to the garden blog and check it out. If you click on this photo though, you will see ants in the flowers. So maybe don’t do that. Unless you like ants.



Abi said...

Aw, I hope your weekend is well worth the cleaning! I recently moved to England so I'm quite familiar with how all of that goes...

Crabby McSlacker said...

How come your healthy food always looks so much prettier than my healthy food? Somehow, dark brown vegetable/fruit smoothies aren't very photogenic. Loved the other shots as well. And hey, sometimes life happens and I bet you'll be working out regularly again as soon as you can.

Fitness Freak said...

Hmm love the Tacos, Healthy food.

JavaChick said...

Abi - We did have a great weekend, thanks!

Crabby - I knew there was a reason I didn't like smoothies... ;)

Fitness Freak - Tacos are awesome, yes they are! said...

I'm sure burnt quite a few calories cleaning out that spare room for the sitter! Don't discount that effort. Your food photos look great.

JavaChick said...

Thanks Sarah! It's true - I felt like I was getting a workout with all that cleaning. :)