Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mission Accomplished



Has become this…


Two stacks of wood against the back wall of the garage, about as tall as I am (which is admittedly not very). The pile off to the side is the wood left over from last year. Husband oh-so-conveniently had to stay in Japan an extra two weeks, so I did it all myself, most of it this past Sunday.

Yesterday I got home from work and decided to take it easy, since I’d worked so hard on Sunday, and just did a little treadmill session. Today I felt half dead. Possibly I should have skipped the workout yesterday.

I mostly made it through my two weeks of dairy/wheat free eating. Yesterday technically should have been the last day and I gave in and had a muffin for breakfast. And then I had one again today. Plus real cream in my coffee.

I won’t say the dairy/wheat free eating experiment made me feel like a whole new person, but my eczema is a whole lot better. That was obvious about a week and a half in. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it is somewhat of a relief to know there is something I can do – my eczema does get really bad and makes me pretty miserable during the winter – but I’m not sure how I feel about giving up wheat & dairy for good.

I guess the next stage is to figure out whether it’s just one or if it’s both, and whether I  need  to cut them out completely in order to see a difference. I did actually wonder if the muffins yesterday & today could have been what were causing me to feel so zonked today. I was really feeling wiped out, and I just wanted to be able to curl up in bed.

On top of that, the past two days have been overcast and gloomy, which also tends to have a negative  effect on my energy. So many variables.

Also, I am ready for Husband to come home. I have enjoyed the sleeping without ear plugs, doing things on my own schedule, less dishes to wash,  listening to the 80’s station on the car radio. But I kinda miss him and I want him to come home. Sigh. Just under two weeks to go now.

Good thing I have Frank to keep me company. Smile




the Bag Lady said...

Don't you feel fabulous? Like you really accomplished something? I love your wood-stack - you did an excellent job! (And did you really spider-whack every piece?)

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - Oh yes I did! My hands and wrists were a little sore for a couple of days after, truth be told.

Miz said...

(Id still be sore!)

Crabby McSlacker said...

There seems to be an epidemic of wood-piling going around, and symptoms look to be aching muscles, calloused hands, and general fatigue.

I sure hope it ain't contagious!

(Seriously though, looks like a huge job--you deserve to be proud!)

JavaChick said...

Miz - I think I am still sore!

Crabby - Thanks! It did feel like an accomplishment. Glad it's out of the way.