Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dairy & Gluten Free–Day 3

I woke up on Tuesday morning and decided it was day number one of the dairy/gluten  free experiment. There was one serving of cheese-y pasta left, but I decided that would go in the freezer. And there are two unopened containers of yogurt – no idea how that happened really. Our last Costco trip was the Saturday before we found out Husband might be going to Japan. We bought our usual amount of yogurt, which usually only lasts a week…and somehow we only went through half of it. On my own, it would take me at least a week to polish that off, so I pretty much just threw in the towel on that one. If husband comes home at the end of next week, there should be time to at least use some of it before it expires.

So yeah. Tuesday was the day.

Breakfast – left the yogurt out of my smoothie and stuck with the protein powder, tolerated soy creamer in my coffee.

Lunch – I typically have a salad and often a Amy’s Kitchen Burrito. I’ve been buying the gluten free version since it showed up in the store last summer.

Dinner – There are lots of things I could eat that don’t involve dairy or wheat  (gluten free is a bit more complicated that wheat free, I realize, so wheat free is the minimum goal). I of course have to try something complicated (requiring substitution) right off the bat.

I blame it on the  Brown Rice Tortillas I saw at the grocery store. And I have been fascinated by this Daiya that Mama Pea is always talking about. So I had to turn all that into dinner.


I have this Veggie Burrito recipe that my sister wrote down while watching an episode of Urban Peasant years ago. I don’t actually follow the recipe mind you, but I use it for inspiration quite often.

First, I did taste the Daiya on it’s own first and the flavor vaguely resembles processed cheese. I’m sorry vegans, that is not  what cheese is supposed to taste like.

And the the Brown Rice Tortillas kind of fell apart when I tried to pick up my burritos and eat them, so it made a huge mess. But, all together, the components made a tasty mess.

So for the second (and third) dinners, I decided to go the quesadilla route. We have this griddle that makes me sigh in resignation every time Husband suggests using it because it is a pain to clean.


Husband has been gone for 5 days and I’ve used the griddle 4 times. Sorry honey!  (Actually, he doesn’t read my blog so he’ll never know. Mwah-ha-ha-ha!)

I panicked for a minute there wondering how I was going to flip the dang thing over. Was never so happy to have a pizza board and giant BBQ spatula.


This did work better. The tortillas got all nice and crispy and the daiya did indeed melt (and taste even more like processed cheese).

So three days down and it mostly hasn’t been too bad though I do miss cheese and chocolate. But it’s only for a couple of weeks ~ whether that is actually enough time to know if it makes a difference, I don’t know. For now, though, I’m just going to focus on two weeks.

Minor kitchen mishap – wondered where the measuring spoons had disappeared to, then  turned on the garbage disposal….


Mystery solved.

Last but not least; I was not fishing for compliments when I posted my profile photo on Monday. I was lamenting the harshness of my inner critic. Not only is the big meanie quick to detail all the things that are wrong with the way I look, when I do look good in a photo, the critic is ready and waiting to jump in and say it doesn’t count. That just seems crazy, yet I know it’s all coming from inside my own head. I just have not figured out how to change it.

I do appreciate the compliments though, so thank you! You are the loveliest blog friends a girl could hope to have.

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