Monday, April 2, 2012

March Summary

I'm going to hazard a guess and say this is the shortest workout list I've ever posted:

Mar 01: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Total Body[40 mins]
Mar 05: Jackie Warner Xtreme Circuit[30mins]

Mar 08 - 17: Walked All Over Japan

Mar 26: Zumba
Mar 27: Treadmill Walk[45 mins]
Mar 28: Zumba Toning

At the beginning of the month I was busy getting read to go. Then I was gone. Then I came home and got sick. But it was still a good month because I went to Japan! I'm probably not going to get tired of saying that.

I'm so far behind on everything else it isn't funny, but I'm okay with it because: see above.:)

Spring is coming. I need to get some seedlings started. And exercise. And get back off the wheat and dairy (I ate whatever I wanted in Japan and the wheat & dairy didn't seem to bother me, but now that I'm home I'm getting itchy again. Sigh).

Slowly getting pictures up on the garden blog - see the link above if you are interested.

Walking up stairs. In Japan!

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Unknown said...

i love the way u talk abut ur travel n also i am a cat lover..
mind to follow me back??