Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nose dive

The few of you still reading (since I hardly ever post these days) may recall that back in the fall, Husband went away on business and I took my alone time as an opportunity to experiment with cutting out wheat and dairy. I was really strict about it for two weeks, then I tried but it was honestly hit and miss. Still, I definitely cut down on my wheat & dairy consumption.

Over the next few months, I found I was gradually losing weight. I didn't feel like I was dieting - aside from the wheat & dairy, I was eating what I wanted in reasonable amounts. And I was feeling pretty darn good. I was sort of mentally holding my breath, you know, waiting for the other shoe to  drop...But also thinking that maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this intuitive eating thing.

You know what happens next right?

Things went so smoothly from November to late March, early April. Then Husband left on his 4th business trip since November, gone for another four weeks. I drove him to the airport on a Saturday morning, then went directly to the salon for a hair appointment, followed by grocery shopping. I hadn't eaten breakfast. It was one of those mornings that I just didn't feel like eating. I put a LaraBar in my purse, but I didn't eat it. I picked up another  coffee  and a baked treat on my way to the salon. Then went grocery shopping and proceeded to make very poor choices. And pretty much went on a four week binge of eating crap.

I have no  idea where it came from, but I'm so disappointed in myself. I lost 6 pounds or so between November and April, then put it all back on in 4 weeks. So so angry at myself. And afraid  that I won't be able to  lose it again. Six pounds does not sound like a lot, but it's the most I've manage to lose in years of dieting. And  I lost it without making myself miserable. I'm afraid that I won't be able to do it again. Like it was a one-time magic formula that can't be repeated.

Why why why did I do this?

So this is me. Starting over again for the seventy-millionth time. Okay, maybe not that many, but more than enough.

Meanwhile....It's spring! That's been nice. Lots of lovely weather and green things growing. Husband got sick a few days after he got home from his trip. Then a week later I got sick. That wasn't so much fun. But I'm feeling much better  now. We're having a rainy week, but I hope the sun comes back soon so I can finish planting  my garden.

Cherry tree in our front yard, May 11.

 Frank in the garden, May 11.

Our herd of deer, May 20

Belated workout logs from April & May...

02: Zumba
03: Zumba
04: Jackie Warner Xtreme Circuit DVD
15: Zumba
18: Jackie Warner Power Circut Total Body DVD
23: Zumba
24: Zumba
26: Walk - 30 mins
27: Workout with Jackie DVD - lower body
28: Workout with Jackie DVD - upper body
30: Zumba

01: Zumba
04: Garden
06: Garden
07: Zumba
08: Zumba
15: Zumba
17: Burn & Firm Pilates DVD
19: Garden
20: Garden
21: Garden
29: Crunch Joy of Yoga DVD

I have a gap in my notebook for May...Lately I have not been as diligent about writing down my workouts so I'm not sure if I really did skip that many days or if I forgot to write stuff down. I do know that between the 21 - 29 is when I ended up getting sick. May 19 - 21 was Victoria Day Weekend and I was out in the garden every day. The weather was perfect and I got a lot done. Went back to work on Tuesday feeling great. Woke up Wednesday morning feeling unbelievably exhausted...Wondered if all the yard work was catching up with me after all but it turned out I was getting sick. Boo. :(

Did you know that in Japan they have all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours of Kit Kat bars? We tried a few during our vacation, I like the dark chocolate and the cinnamon cookie. Husband asked if I wanted him to bring me anything and I said some Kit Kats. So he stuffed his suitcase full.

That should last me for a while.


the Bag Lady said...

Oh, I can totally relate to the binge after losing weight. It's almost as though I have to sabotage myself because I was finally successful!
(And yes, you CAN lose it again - I swear, I've lost the same 5 - 10 lbs about 18 times. Maybe 20.)
Those Kit Kat bars are bizarre!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Interesting about the wheat and dairy!

And yeah, here's to fresh starts-- I don't know anyone who doesn't have to start over and over again on any personal improvement goal. It's been a while since this post, so hope it's all going well!