Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 16: Returns

Having a really hard time getting a post in this week - things are busy!

Item 1:
In case you missed it: Frank is home! After two weeks, I arrived home from work last Thursday to find him at the front door. I was so happy, I can't even tell you.

Item 2: 
I moved to this city in 1999 to start a new job. I worked at that job, in the same office building, for 7
years, until the office was shut down. This week, on Monday, the company I now work for has moved back into that building. Not only that, I am sitting by the same person I sat beside for the last couple years of my old job. Small world.

Item 3: 
My routine basically fell apart for the two weeks that Frank was missing. I managed to do the things I had to do, but that was about it. I was hoping to return to my normal routine this week, but of course another curve was thrown our way. We are having new flooring put down in our kitchen and entry way. We thought it was going to happen the week of the 13. Turns out they will start on Monday, the 6th. So now we are frantically trying to get everything organized.

Goal for the month:
Routine is pretty much out the window. My aim is to adapt and do the best I can, rather than just hibernating on the couch with a bag of potato chips.

April Workouts:
02: Crunch Cardio Sculpt DVD
03: Jackie Warner One On One Training - LB
04: Jackie Warner One On One Training - UB + 20 mins Zumba
08: Yoga @ 12pm + Zumba @ 6pm
11: Jackie Warner Xtreme Circuit
24: Ellen Barret Yogini Workout DVD

There actually was a fair amount of walking from the 12 - 23, as I tramped around in the woods and neighborhood hoping to find Frank. I didn't track any of it though.

Thursday, April 25 - Frank is home!

Frank fur on the floor at the Vet

Saturday, April 27 - My Raggedy Frank

Zappa is not quite sure this is Frank?

I think it's finally spring!


MIZ said...

checking in

Crabby McSlacker said...

As usual, love the photos. And this goal: "adapt and do the best I can, rather than just hibernating on the couch with a bag of potato chips."

Hope it's going well!