Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 17: No Kitchen

We really have not done a lot of work to this house in the 11 years we've been here. We've partially finished the basement. My sister and I painted the spare bedroom. That's pretty much it. So we are long over due.

Our kitchen floor for example. We noticed this crease developing in the cushion floor. The crease eventually turned into a crack. And we thought we should probably do something about that. So we went to a flooring place and they told us lots about the many different options available and we left feeling confused and overwhelmed.

A year later we had a hole in the cushion floor that we kept tripping over.

So it was time. Fortunately, we found a different flooring place where they offered helpful advice and we decided on ceramic tile. Oh yeah, we decided to do our entry way while we're at it. So this is what things are looking like right now.

The down side is that we couldn't have the cats walking all over the floors as they were being installed, and we had no good way to keep them out of the kitchen and entry way. We really tried to come up with a solution, but in the end we decided we had to board them for the week. We've never done that before, and I can't say I am entirely confident it was a good idea, but we couldn't think what else to do.

So far, that is the hardest part of the whole thing. Five days without our kitchen & living room is doable, but the cat situation is making me kinda miserable.

It's been a pretty busy week - we had a lot to do to get ready and it kept me busy evenings last week and all weekend. So ~ as far as my goal for the month ~ not a lot of time for lazing on the couch eating junk food.

The weather has been lovely, so I did take some breaks to hang out with my Frankie and soak up some sun.

He seems to be doing well and Zappa is used to him being home, which is a relief. Now we just have to make it through this week (I really miss them!), and by the weekend they should be home again. Oh yeah...And we should have a new kitchen floor. :)


solarity said...

I started working in a boarding kennel in 1993, and I've been back in one for the past two years after ten years in grooming. The cats will not be happy, but they will be fine. Most cats boarding for the first time with us will spend the first day hiding in their bed, not eating, and then will decide that the food's not that bad, (even if it's what they bring, apparently it doesn't taste the same) and that the passing humans are permitted, nay, required, to stop and pet them.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Thanks Mary Anne. We stopped to visit them after work yesterday and they were doing the cowering in their bed thing and it made me feel awful. Good to know they will likely get over it.

solarity said...

Another phase is Occupy Litterbox. No matter what cozy hiding places we provide some cats will not get out of the litterbox which I assume means "At least there's a litterbox here. They're not getting it away from me!"

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

We stopped by again last night and both cats were hiding away still, this time together in the same cat carrier. We managed to coax them out and Frank wandered around checking things out, and came looking for attention. Zappa would only stay out for a minute or two, then right back in the carrier.

They have the tiniest litter boxes I've ever seen. I have very large cats. Frank kept looking at the litter box, that was about it.

The vet says the first day they didn't eat anything, but the next morning the food was all gone so the must have been more active during the night.

Jess said...

Good luck with renovations! They can be so stressful! Will be nice once it is all finished I bet!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Sounds like such a pain, and so hard to see the cats boarded, but I totally trust Mary Anne on the question of them adjusting and not suffering too much. It will make them that much more appreciative of home!

And how exciting about the new flooring, can't wait to see updates.

solarity said...

I imagine Frank's about as appreciative of home as you can get right now. (Yes, eating while the Strange Humans are gone is typical.) I await their introduction to new flooring with interest.
Another boarding cat story: we had an insanely friendly cat boarding, and a very old frail cat came in to stay in the next door cage, and his mama was getting him settled, and Friendly Cat reaches out through the front of the condo and swats her elbow: "Hey Lady! You're not petting ME! Why IS that?" She was charmed by him.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Thanks Crabby & Mary Anne. We all survived and things are pretty much back to normal. I won't say the cats enjoyed the boarding experience, but it seems we've been forgiven! :)