Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Plans. Changed. Again.

Scale! Ack! Talk about a kick in the butt.

Plans! Ack! Why do I make them?

Okay. I gave myself a stern talking to this morning with regard to Lime Tostitos (briefly mentioned yesterday). I had my plan of attack ready.

Then Friend calls saying she is having a BBQ tonight, 7:00 if we want to come. This friend always has so much food...And those of us attending her dinners usually bring more food...

Honestly, up to me, I would have said no. Midweek, so I have to get up for work tomorrow which means I want to be tucked into bed no later than 11 PM and BBQ doesn't start until 7 PM. I have a cardio workout to do today. It's not even that nice out. All overcast and everything.

But since I am part of a "we", I figured I should check in with the other half and he wants to go. And I'm completely winging it as we will be stopping on the way to find something to throw on the grill.

So now. Plan out the window. Need whole new plan.


Part One of Plan - straight home from work to get in a quick treadmill workout (DONE)

Part Two - well, try not to stuff myself silly.

Daily Record
Weight: 144.0 (+0.9 lb)

BF: Yogurt & Granola, coffee w/cream
Snack: Fibre1 bar
Lunch: Rockin' Moroccan Stew
Snack: Cherries
Supper: BBQ...?



the Bag Lady said...

Remember the three "L's"....Live, Laugh, Love. There's no D in there. As long as you didn't go overboard with the food, you'll be fine....
And you got your workout in, so that's good.
(Ha, listen to me - the original stick-in-the-mud!!!)

Crissy Rae said...

That's okay..plans are meant to be changed. At least you got some exercise in there before the BBQ. Enjoy yourself :)

Shirls said...

I find summer (or kind of summer if you live here) hard to keep up with all the social events + food mixed in, truly more of a challenge then when the season makes a person stay indoors with bowls of chili etc.. anyway sounds like you handled the plan change like a pro, slipping in cardio before you go, impressive!

JavaChick said...

Thanks ladies. I'm glad I did the workout, because the eating part went not so well.

The odd thing is, I know in my head from the mental tally of calories, that I ate more than I needed. But I didn't feel overly full. And this morning I was starving.

We did have fun though, so I'm glad we went. And I was still home and tucked in bed by 11:02, and I had a great sleep.

Anonymous said...

so agreeing with the Bag Lady (and not the first time).

life is too short.
glad it was fun.


Missicat said...

Agree with the Bag Lady - have to make time to have fun! I hear ya on the planning, just had family in from out of town which = parties which = lots o' food. I did keep up with my workouts, which definitely helped ease my guilt.

Unknown said...

I'm totally with the Bag Lady. Enjoy yourself. A slight change of plans can even help you to figure out a new arrangement of plans!