Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a beautiful, beautiful day. The sun is shining, there's a light breeze...Ah...Too bad I had to be at work all day. Want. Vacation. Now.

So, those Lime Tostitos I was talking about...

Sunday, we made BBQ chicken for supper. I had a bag of multi-grain Tostitos kicking around (from my sister's visit a few weeks back) so decided to make our favourite Black Bean Salsa to have along with our chicken and salad.

Very tasty it was, however the multi-grain Tostitos really don't stand up to the Black Bean Salsa that well, they tend to break.

We had salsa left over and Husband wanted to get a different bag of tortilla chips to go with. I was hoping for those Baked Scoops as we've tried those before and liked them, but could not find any in the store. So I stood there looking at the shelves trying to figure out what to get. Husband said "Just get the Lime ones." I said: "But I'll eat those." He said: "Well that's good."


But I'm thinking...

I can't have any.

They are a favourite of mine, and once I start I find it hard to stop eating them.

So better not to start.

People don't use the word "diet" much these days. It's all healthful eating, lifestyle change, eating clean, moderation. All good things by the way. But I think for me, right now, "diet" is the better word.

I get the whole idea that "diet" is temporary and restrictive and you have to know how to eat healthy for the long term and maintain once you reach your goal. All valuable stuff. But I have been trying to do that. I have been trying to pay attention to what I'm eating and do the moderation thing. I don't seem to gain weight. But I don't lose either. Problem is, I find it too easy to make excuses.

The word "diet" (as in: "I am going on a diet") implies something more strict. Which is probably what I need. Because I am not being strict enough with myself. If I want to lose weight, I can't be eating Hint of Lime Tostitos just because they are there.

I convinced Husband on Tuesday night that we should save the salsa & Tostitos to go with our White Chicken Chili (being defrosted from the freezer) for supper - which was supposed to be last night, but was postponed to tonight. Because I figured we didn't need that along with the fries on Tuesday.

But. I am thinking I can't have any. Especially after last night. The Lime Tostitos will still be there in the store to be bought for another day. So I'm thinking...a scoop of Black Bean Salsa as a garnish on my White Chicken Chili, and I will be good to go.

That is the plan and I will let you know tomorrow how things went. Don't you just love a cliffhanger ending?


Daily Record
Weight: 144.7!!!!!

BF: Coffee Shop Muffin, coffee w/cream
Lunch: Cocoa-Coconut Chili, Mini Babybel cheese
Snack: Apple
Supper: White Chicken Chili, topped with Black Bean Salsa

Workout: Weights


the Bag Lady said...

Yup, sometimes you need to buckle down and actually go on a diet, if you are serious about losing weight. It isn't easy to lose weight, and sometimes you just have to be strict. Once the weight is gone, you can go back to a maintenance type method and allow yourself the occasional treat, but the trick is to keep it occasional. That is where I fall down. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

and then?



Unknown said...

It's hard, isn't it? A word like "diet" can have so many hidden implications. Whatever happens, make sure that you're happy with what you do!