Monday, August 11, 2008

Beck Diet - Day 6

Making it quick because it's almost time for me to be tucked into bed.

Got off track over the weekend - which identifies an issue in itself: Must make this a priority.

Anywho, on to day 6 in which I have to select a diet coach. Someone for me to report back to once a week, who I can talk to for support and feedback when I need help. Kinda stuck here. What do you think? Do all you guys out there count? Anyone wanna be my diet coach? I really can't think of anyone in real life to ask.

Feeling like I am getting back in the swing of things. Eating was not great over the weekend, but could have been worse, and overall I feel like it's getting to be back under control.

Workouts were good on the weekend. Saturday was Iron Yoga and a 40 minute walk. Sunday was Ellen Barrett's Yogini Workout. This evening I got out for a walk. Then the rest of my evening mysterioulsy disappeared while I was playing Rock Band on the Wii. Darn that Husband for bringing home a computer game that I might actually be able to get hooked on.

Some photos real quick...

This was my supper. Tasty though it was, the reason I photographed it is: Those green bits? Baby Pak Choi, grown in my garden. First actual meal made with ingredients from the garden.


Okay, so a tiny component of the meal...but it's in there!


Next, what I am anxiously awaiting: Tomatoes!




Lots of green ones, just waiting to get ripe...I can't wait!

Daily Record
Weight: 145.0

BF: Whole Grain Toast w/PB & J, Coffee w/cream
Snack: Vanilla yogurt w/1 peach, 1/4 c. raspberries, 1/4 c. Alpen Cereal
Lunch: Lemon Chickpea Lentil Soup w/ 1/2 cup cottage cheese
Supper: Ma Po Tofu stir-fry with Basmati Rice

Workout: 40 minute walk


Anonymous said...

(so true on the priority) this morning I feel like yer green apples waiting to get ripe.


I have a big task I wanna finish and, until its DONE, I FEEL UNFINISHED.

the Bag Lady said...

OMG, that supper looked amazing! Will you come and cook for the Bag Lady?
And your tomatoes look good. Mine are still green, too, but starting to get big enough to set my mouth watering. Can hardly wait.