Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spent the evening in the kitchen again, finishing off my baking. Not entirely impressed with how things turned out. The cupcakes and the mice are done, and they are okay....Just not fantastic, and if I'm going to make something I want it to be fantastic. So I sorta feel like I wasted a lot of time, energy and ingredients that could have been better used on other things. And now I'm really tired.

Guess that'll teach me to be trying out new things when I don't have a lot of time for experimenting (you'd think I'd know that by now).

And now I'm going to bed even though I probably won't sleep because I'll be obsessing and thinking about everything I should have done instead. Doesn't that sound like fun?


~Laura said...

I am so sorry you were not real satisfied with your resultsL:( And no it does not sound like fun but it sure does sound alot like me!

Unknown said...

Aw, cheer up. It's Halloween! Enjoy it and don't obsess too much:)

Unknown said...

I am sure it turned out just fine... I am sure everyone enjoyed it! :) It sounded nummies to me. :D