Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bring on the weekend!

This week has flown by. Worked from home Monday and Tuesday, and that makes the week seem so short. Husband is still not feeling great, I was a little under the weather myself at the beginning of the week so have been feeling very tired. As a consequence, not much has been happening in the way of exercise. Make that nothing has been happening in the way of exercise. My eating has actually been quite good over the past couple of weeks though. Just seemed to get into the groove. Hope I can stay there for a while.

Husband and I had our second visit with Doctor #3 today, to go over the results of our blood work. Everything looks good. My blood pressure is good (110/70) and Husband's is much improved.

I do have other things I want to say about this and am conflicted. I don't really have time tonight, but I am aware that if I wait it may get put off like every other post that I think about writing these days - just seem to have a hard time settling down to it. But, I have a million things to do so it will all have to wait and if I don't get back to explain it all in a timely fashion, you all have my permission to give me a hard time about it.

For now, hope you all have a great weekend!


the Bag Lady said...

I can totally relate to the conflict about blogging. I never seem to have enough time to put the thought into my blog posts that I would like to, and they end up a little brief, or disjointed, or not posted at all! So you won't be getting a hard time about it from me! (I've had several rants percolating in my head for days, but not enough time to sit down and write them!)

On the other hand, I'd love to hear what it is you want to tell us, so I'm content to wait.

Glad to hear that your blood pressure results are good, and that hubby's are improving!

Anonymous said...

*duly noted: allowed to give Javachick hard time*

(waves to Bag Lady!)

Anonymous said...

Feel better JavaChick. So good to hear that about the blood test results!!