Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What we chose to hear - Part 2

Thanks to everyone who left a response to my question the other day. I was interested to read what everyone had to say.

So what did Husband and I hear?

I heard that if Husband starts exercising and loses some weight, he may be able to stop taking the blood pressure medication.

Husband heard "Lack of exercise is not the cause."

I found it interesting how we could come away with such different messages. The doctor may have said that lack of exercise and carrying too much weight is not the cause of Husband's high blood pressure, but he also related an example of how taking steps to improve one's health can help to turn things around. They have not identified a cause for Husband's high blood pressure, so who's to say that this is not the fix?

Of course, I like exercise whereas Husband thinks exercise is torture.

When this whole high blood pressure thing first came to light, Husband was scared. But now the doctor is prescribing pills that are making him feel better and bringing the blood pressure down; it's getting more comfortable. I'm still hoping he will come around, but I think it will take some nudging.

Next up, now that we've dealt with Husband, you can all come back and tell me what I should be hearing...once I get around to writing the post.


the Bag Lady said...

Guess we all hear what we want to hear. Husband needs to be told in a different way, perhaps, that a little exercise will not hurt him, and in fact, might just decrease his dependency on the medication. Who wants to take pills for the rest of your life??!!
He doesn't have to jump on the treadmill and go crazy working out all the time, but a walk after supper might be an enjoyable thing for both of you.....

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Men. *rolls eyes*

Can you have a private word with the doctor and ask him to recommend straight out that hubby excercise?

Redbush said...

My husband, as well, shies away from exercise even though I make it a morning routine. He also has high blood pressure and takes his pills religiously. I've tried to encourage him with the exercise thing, but to no avail. It is disheartening!

Anonymous said...

Interpretation of messages is always interesting. I think Bag Lady has a good point- meds for life would be awful, and going for even a short walk each day or every second day would be something he might be interested in, right?

Anonymous said...

man we all hear what we WANT and for me so often what we ANTICIPATE someone is going to say.

been down that road with my husband as well...many times. it's a well worn path :)

Jaime said...

I firmly beleive that men possess some sort of gene that blocks rational thought regarding food and exercise. Sure, there are exceptions...just like anything, but for the most part they can't take any advice on things like that. If FH comes up with a theory or motivation on his own it's all good...but if I've suggested the exact same thing I'm some crazy woman that doesn't know what she's talking about!

Anonymous said...

My hubby loves working out...plays hockey four times a week...I wish I had more of his motivation to exercise. Maybe he just needs to find something he enjoys?

Even if it is shooting hoops a park, hiking, swimming, playing tennis, golfing...maybe he just needs to find something he enjoys.

Good luck

Crissy Rae said...

Those men and their selective hearing. It sounds like it would be a good idea for him to get some exercise to help lower the blood pressure and that is so much better than being on meds for life. My grandpa is on high blood pressure pills and it can be difficult to deal with sometime. Hopefully you can sneak in some mini exercises under his radar. Or maybe he'll think about it a little and change his mind? Good luck!

JavaChick said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

I do keep trying to find ways to get him into exercise, but he has been extremely determined in his avoidance. However, he's still talking like he knows he has to change things so hopefully he's working his way up to starting. And hopefully once he gets going, he'll find it's not so bad after all!