Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warrior Workout

Ten degrees! It's supposed to go up to ten degrees tomorrow! It's supposed to be -10 tonight, which likely means chilly morning walk to work, but ten degrees tomorrow!

Now that's out of my system...

Trying to bust out of the workout rut I'm in lately (which mainly consist of No Workouts) I came across this and decided to give it a try last night: Warrior Workout.

I did modify some things...stuck to regular pushups for now, and I don't have a chin up bar (not that I could do a chin up to save my life, most likely), so at that point in the workout I just did some bicep curls and overhead presses with dumbbells. And I had to substitute some equipment (no plate or medicine ball).

It took me 30 minutes to do the circuit twice through, so I left it at that because that was all the time I was willing to give to it last night. If I did it enough times to know the routine, so I wouldn't have to keep stopping to check, I could probably get through 3 times in 30 minutes.

I may do it again. I didn't exactly feel like a warrior, but it was fun to do something different. I'm feeling my shoulders a teensy bit today, and I think I probably don't work my shoulders enough, so that's a good thing.

The cold weather is still making me cranky. Tired of it. It is warmer today, and the sun is shining, so that makes me feel better. And did you hear? It's supposed to go up to 10 degrees tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

The weather has such a huge impact on mood! And the warrior workout sounds like a nice change.

carla said...

good GOSH you all need some sun and warmth.
are you going to frolic nekid the minute spring arrives??

the Bag Lady said...

Send some of that warm weather this way, would ya?!
10 degrees sounds like bliss.

JavaChick said...

The forecast has changed, now they are saying 8 degrees, but I'll take it! And the sun is shining, which is nice.