Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boot Camp! I'll give you Boot Camp...

Just finished Boot Camp #2 for the week. Before that I spent an hour and a half working in the yard. I don't know why that makes the Boot Camp seem like a bigger deal; it just does.

Last week was chilly and rainy, then the weekend (and beginning of this week) was busy, so there are definitely some things that need attending to in the garden. The weather has been lovely this week, so I spent some time out in the yard this evening with Fabulous Feline company.



George (you can see I have some weeding to do)


First task I wanted to get out of the way was to put up this netting for the pea plants to climb. It's a pain in the butt to do, but it worked well last year. I also did some weeding and planted some new seeds where there were gaps.


Cotton Easter is blooming.



Catmint blossoms


Irises - because I love them so much!


The Rhododendrons in all their glory



The guardian at the front step.



kristisummer said...

where is this bootcamp? I used to do an outdoor one @5:30am and loved hard.

JavaChick said...

kristi - It's a 14 week Boot Camp workout plan that I am doing at home. It's definitely a workout!

Rayna said...

so off topic I know. but I LOVE your kitties. George there looks exactly like my cat Nunna-bear. Seriously, they could be twins :-)

the Bag Lady said...

Love the garden shots! You have pink irises???? Gorgeous.

And George is looking as handsome as ever.

Sagan said...

Gardening is tough work! But so therapeutic.

Such pretty flowers.

JavaChick said...

Rayna - Always happy to talk about my cats; I could go on for hours!

Bag Lady - The Irises are purple, but the way the evening sunlight was hitting them did give them a tinge of pink - which is why I took the photo; it was so pretty!

Sagan - It's work that I enjoy doing, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it! :)

Emily said...

Your irises are so beautiful! They are one of my favorite flowers as well. Have you ever seen the burgandy ones? I saw them once but can not find them again!

Missicat said...

Beautiful! both the plants and the kitties!
Good for you for doing the Boot Camp thing - there are programs like that around here but they intimidate me!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Love the pictures, you have such a beautiful yard!

And it almost looks like you're growing cats in your garden... what a bountiful harvest, they look so lush and well cared for!

Bet they don't much like being watered though.