Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekly Garden Report

It's been a busy couple of days so I haven't had time for much. I did take some photos on Sunday though, so I'm going to do a quickie post on how things are progressing in the gardens...

Tomato plants are thriving. Loving the bright orange marigolds in between the plants. So cheerful!


Things planted from seed are popping up.


Sugar Snap Peas and Garlic


Red Leaf Lettuce. The variety is called Vulcan. Being a Trekkie, I get a kick out of that (does not take much to amuse me).




Blossoms on the tomato plants that I got at the garden center.


Irises are in bloom! My favorite phase of the garden because I love the purple of the blooms with the green of the foliage. Photos do not do it justice, but it's the best I can do. Unless you'd like to visit?




And the Rhododendrun by the front step is in bloom. On Sunday when I took these photos, it was not quite in full bloom; it is now and it looks beautiful.





~Laura said...

The garden is looking so pretty! I planted the tomato and basil plants this weekend that I started from seed.

Anonymous said...

Your gardens are gorgeous!

I always wanted to grow some veggies but I don't know if I would be good with plants, considering the ones in my house sometimes suffer terribly until I remember to water them ;)

Rayna said...

What a beautiful garden! I can't wait to have a real yard one day so that mine can be as big as yours. I grew up with a big yard and my dad always turned half of it into a garden every year so I was spoiled with fresh fruits/veggies.

On a positive note: it's raining here in Pittsburgh today and all my outdoor plants are very excited about this! They look very perky this morning :-)

Jaime said...

I'll visit! :)

The Merry said...

Why thank you! I'll be right over. (I'm sure my boss will understand.)

Does the Vulcan variety live long and prosper?

Sagan said...

Am on my way to come for a visit ;)

That will be so exciting when everything's come up and you can eat what you've grown!

JavaChick said...

Laura - Thanks! It's all been trial and error but it came together nicely.

Lynn - Yeah, water is pretty important! You could always try a few things in containers and see how it goes.

Rayna - I grew up with a big yard and big vegetable garden as well, so what I have seems very small to me but I'm making the best of it.

Jaime - Guess you could! If you are ever going to be in Saint John let me know!

Merry - you made me laugh! The description of the lettuce is: "Plant growth is uniform, vigorous and will produce consistent heavy yields. Good tolerance to tipburn and very slow bolting." Which is probably the lettuce equivalen to "Live long and prosper."

Sagan - I'm looking forward to it! I'm guessing lettuce will be the first thing.