Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekly Garden Report - #2

I missed the garden report last week due to the Near Constant Rain...but I did get out to the garden this past weekend. We still aren't getting much sun though.

The weather is weird right now. It's like someone flipped a switch and we've suddenly got the heat of mid-summer, but we don't have the sun. It's been grey, foggy, dreary. And the temperatures really aren't that high yet, but the humidity makes it seem worse than it is.

I've been having a hard time settling down to tasks that I want to get done. I feel restless but can't seem to figure out what I want to do with myself. I'm blaming the weather because I don't know what else to blame.

I did get out to do some weeding on Friday night. Things were looking a little wild, and I did a quick run through to tidy things up.

I am concerned about my tomatoes though; the leaves are turning yellow. I'm wondering if it is too much rain and not enough sun? The Sweet Cluster and Jetsetter varieties have blossoms (the 4 on the right-hand side), so I'm hoping it's nothing too serious.


The plants in the containers actually look pretty good.



And one of my jalapenos has a blossom.


The lettuce is coming along as well.


And these herbs are growing like crazy - thyme, spicy oregano, garlic, and there is a catnip plant in there as well. Gotta keep the Fabulous Felines happy...


I don't actually remember what type of thyme this is, but it's flowering at the moment.


Here is Fred (and my toes)...


And George checking things out.


And I think that's all for today. I've got pictures of the flower beds, but I'll leave those for (hopefully) tomorrow.


the Bag Lady said...

Everything looks gorgeous.

Stop hogging all the rain!

We are in the midst of a terrible drought.

Miz said...

love the way you phrased that as I, too, have felt that way!
and undercurrent of uber restlessness yet no idea what you wanna do with yourself.

Crabby McSlacker said...

We've gotten almost NO SUMMER so far this year and not much of a spring either. Rain, rain, rain. So I totally sympathize!

And I totally get the restlessness... even when busy, something just seems "off" when the weather's dreary.

But your garden (and cats) look very pretty and healthy.

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - If I could send the rain your way I would. We've had enough!

Miz - Hope it goes away soon - I've got a busy few weeks coming up...Maybe that's it...I'm reserving energy in advance.

Crabby - Hope we both get some sun soon!

Sagan said...

Looks like they're all flourishing beautifully! I love that picture of Fred and your toes.

JavaChick said...

Thanks Sagan!

And just in case anyone is wondering...It's pouring down rain! Again!