Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday, Happy February

Last week got away from me, things were busier than usual, Himself came down with a cold, I was tired and blogging fell by the wayside.

There was some good stuff too – dinner and a movie with friends on Wednesday night being one of those. We saw The Lovely Bones – have you read it? I did, a few (probably 4) years ago now. I remember thinking that it would be a hard book to turn into a movie, I just couldn’t picture it. There were definitely some changes – there always are – but I thought they did a pretty good job capturing the essence. Plus, I always enjoy Mark Wahlberg. Heh.

I guess it’s that time, to review January’s workouts. I actually just realized it when I sat down to start this post.

January’s workouts were designed byLindsey at Lean Bodies Health & Fitness. It was definitely a challenging schedule (and some challenging workouts) for me, but I only ended up missing one workout which I can live with.

Here’s the recap:

Jan 26: Supersets + Steady State Cardio + Abs[45 mins]
Jan 25: Cardio Intervals[35 mins]
Jan 24: Hyperbolic RT + Steady State Cardio + Abs[60 min]
Jan 21: Hyperbolic RT + Steady State Cardio + Abs
Jan 20: Cardio Intervals[45 mins]
Jan 19: Supersets + Steady State Cardio + Abs
Jan 18: Cardio Intervals[45 mins]
Jan 17: Hyperbolic RT + Abs + Barefoot Cardio[60 mins]
Jan 16: Fat Burning Yoga DVD[40 mins]
Jan 14: Hyperbolic RT + Abs + Fat Burning Pilates DVD[60mins]
Jan 13: Cardio Intervals[45 mins]
Jan 12: Supersets + Steady State Cardio + Abs
Jan 11: Cardio Intervals[30 mins]
Jan 10: Rounds for 20 min + Steady State Cardio + Abs[60 mins]
Jan 09: Fusion Flow DVD[45 mins]
Jan 08: Timed Circuit + Steady State Cardio + Abs[60 mins]
Jan 07: Cardio Intervals + Abs[50 minutes]
Jan 06: Supersets + Steady State Cardio[60 mins]
Jan 05: Cardio Intervals[45 mins]
Jan 04: Hyperbolic RT + Steady State Cardio + Abs[50 mins]

I also seem to be down about 2 lbs, which may not be a huge difference but I’ll take it. Here’s hoping for another 2 lbs this month!

As I mentioned not too long ago, I decided to sign up for 3 more months with Lindsey. Today I started February’s plan and to tell the truth, I’m a little scared. It would seem that Lindsey has decided that she was too easy on me last month, and she’s making up for it now. Or she’s trying to kill me. Haven’t sussed that one out yet.

One Legged Burpees? If she thinks I can do those, she is way over-estimating my abilities. I’ve been known to end up collapsed on the floor, laughing hysterically, while trying to do regular burpees. But we shall see how it goes.

I did photo all of my meals/snacks today, but I have other things that I want to get to (piano!) so I’m going to cut this short and just leave you with two.

Saturday night I was on my own, so I tried a new recipe in the Slow Cooker for Refried Bean Soup. I got a little carried away with adding real Chipotle Peppers and some Chipotle Chili Powder (which I find is  hotter than regular Chili Powder), so it came out quite spicy.

I served it up with a quesadilla and it made quite a nice comfort food type meal.


The weather has turned downright cold and wintery which is a bit of a shock to the system after it was so mild last week. The office was quite cold today. I had a container of this soup for my lunch and I was quite thankful for all that Chipotle heat – it was the first time I was actually warm all day!

Yesterday we put our Slow Cooker to work again, and made Italian Chicken and Potatoes. We had leftovers tonight, with a very simple salad of cucumber & grape tomatoes. We also had a loaf of Focaccia bread to finish up. I topped my chicken & potatoes with a little parmesan, since we have some in the fridge.



That’s it for me tonight! I’ll be back tomorrow, if I survive the new Cardio Intervals that I’ve been assigned. Wish me luck!


Sagan said...

One-legged burpees? Seriously? I didn't even know such a thing EXISTED!

I kind of want to see The Lovely Bones but it also looks really creepy. Is it?

carla said...

and? how went the intervals? are they a MUST DO! for the rest of us?

Jackie said...

One legged burpees... I can't imagine. Regular burpees KILL ME! I would keel over doing them with one leg and it wouldn't be pretty that's for sure.

JavaChick said...

Sagan - First time I'd heard of one legged burpees as well, but I found a video on youtube. I can barely do the regular ones, so think I will work with that for now. And no, I wouldn't say The Love Bones is creepy at all, but sad (though I didn't bawl as much during the movie as I did reading the book). I thought it was very well done - you know what was going on, but it wasn't really gory or anything. A few suspenseful moments for sure. But not scary.

Miz - Will let you know when I make it to the other side. :)

Jackie - There was a brief moment last night, when I came to my first set of burpees (after 45 seconds of step ups and 45 seconds of jump squats) that I though ok I'll try...Then I stood there frozen as I pictured crashing down and injuring myself...and I just did the regular ones. Those are hard enough.

Unknown said...

OH my... one-legged?!? whew!

Great job last month! Now here's to the next one. :0)

I have yet to see that movie... still in the air about going to the theatre for it.

Anonymous said...

I read that book a while ago too and am interested in seeing the movie. Glad to hear they didn't ruin it.

Your food always looks so good, mmm!!

JavaChick said...

candlerun - yes, last month went pretty well. Will try to keep it up!

Lynn - Thanks! It was all tasty too!