Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pancake Wednesday


My Pancake Tuesday plans were foiled yesterday by my well meaning husband. I came out to the kitchen after my post-workout shower to discover that he had forgotten all about pancakes and had heated up the leftover soup from Monday night. I couldn’t exactly be upset with him since he was trying to be helpful. And really, it was not a big deal. I am an equal opportunity pancake appreciator, so we just had our pancakes today.


I like to make my pancakes with Robin Hood Nutri Flour Blend. I’m not a fan of whole wheat pancakes, but the Nutri Flour makes a nice light and fluffy pancake. I think that it has a slightly nuttier flavor than white flour, and I actually think it makes better pancakes than using white flour.


I always do half a batch, since it’s just Husband and I, though today perhaps I should have made more. He was hungry tonight and was in the kitchen looking for more, even though I cooked him two eggs to go along with his.

I just had mine with strawberries & raspberries (from frozen, that I simmered on the stove while making the pancakes) and maple syrup.


I love pancakes!

…And the Fabulous Felines

I know you’ve all been been in suspense, wondering what those felines have been up to lately…

So I’ll tell you.

There has been some serious power napping going on…


I just love how you can barely see Frank’s face behind his fur.

Interspersed with some playing to work through that snow-induced cabin fever.


This would be the box that my piano came in. Yes, I kept it for the cats. There are a few cat toys in there and every so often I’ll be in the basement and hear this mad scuffling noise from the box as one of them gets in there and starts batting a toy around. We all think that’s fun.

The down side is that the box is sitting right behind my piano bench and every single time I sit down to play lately, Zappa will come and sit on the box and swat at me. He doesn’t seem to like sharing attention with the newest addition to the family, inanimate though it may be.

My mischievous felines also like to cause trouble in the kitchen.


That would be Frank, sitting on the counter. I mainly took this photo to try and give you some idea of the size of these cats. I’m not sure that really comes through in pictures. They are the largest cats I have ever owned. Frank is somewhere around 17 lbs, and he’s not fat.

And this is what Zappa does whenever he sees me get the carton of milk out of the fridge (sorry for the blur, but he wouldn’t hold still).




No, my cats are not spoiled at all….


Miz said...

I seriously had not ever heard of pancake tuesday.

today? up in herre? I shall deem it Protein Pancake Friday.

Sagan said...

Your cats have so much personality. I love it!

I adore pancakes. Have you tried them with spelt flour instead of wholewheat? It makes for a really nice fluffy pancake, too. I have fun experimenting with different kinds of flours for pancakes. But I have a really hard time making regular pancakes. I ALWAYS want to add mashed banana to the dough! Mmmm banana pancakes.

Unknown said...

17 lbs?!? I love a big cat. ;0)

the Bag Lady said...

Thanks for the cat update! My older cat will do the cupboard crawl whenever I open a can of salmon to make sandwiches for hubby. So rather than draining the can in the sink, I have to pick the salmon out and give the juices to the cat!