Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let’s Get This Garden Started, Part I

This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Canada; Monday was Victoria Day. On the East Coast Victoria Day weekend is traditionally the weekend when you start planting your garden.

My parents & brother were coming to visit for the weekend, so things were busy, but I couldn’t let the weekend go by without a bit of garden time…

First though, look what my Dad brought for me!


Dad retired recently and now has more time to spend on wood working, which he has always enjoyed. He’s been making chairs and benches to sell. Coincidentally, I had been thinking I wanted wooden chairs for out in the yard, so now I have two chairs that were made by my Dad.

My mom brought some Hostas from her garden at home. We decided to plant them in the newer bed at the far end of the yard. There was one spot that, aside from a couple of tulips, was all weeds.


So out came a bunch of weeds, and in went Hostas.


Still lots of weeds, as you can see, but now Hostas as well. Yes, the weeds have to come out.  It’ll happen eventually!

The other thing that I asked my parents for was a few seed potatoes. I’m trying an experiment this year, and Dad & Mom helped me get things going.


These are Potato tubs. You add some soil, put in your seed potatoes and cover with more soil.


Then as the plants grow, you add more soil until the sack is full. There are Velcro slits down one side where you can reach in and pull out potatoes once the plants start producing. I’ve never tried growing potatoes at all before – I really don’t have space for them in my tiny little garden, but this seemed like a neat idea.

Stay tuned! More garden photos coming!


the Bag Lady said...

I love your chairs! And the potato tubs are a very cool idea. I'm looking forward to hearing all about them. What kind of seed potatoes did your parents bring?

JavaChick said...

Aren't those chairs great? So colorful!

Dad told me what kind of potatoes they are, but of course I can't remember now. I know they are a white potato (by the time I asked, they had already planted all their red potatoes) and my parents said they are good baking potatoes. Hoping it works out; I'm not the biggest potato fan, but new potatoes I love. :)