Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Plan

I intended to do a better job of this post, but my weekend has been more hectic than I expected, so this will be a quick rundown.

Recap of April - at least what I have written in my notebook; I haven't been doing a great job keeping track lately. I missed a week of workouts when I was sick, so there's a big gap in there.

Apr 02: Upper Body C + Cardio[65 mins]
Apr 04: Upper Body A[30 mins]
Apr 05: Lower Body A[45 mins]
Apr 06: Upper Body B + Cardio Intervals[55 mins]
Apr 10: Hyperbolic Resistance For Time(31:15) + Cardio[60 mins]
Apr 11: Upper Body C[40 mins]
Apr 12: Upper Body A + Cardio Intervals[55 mins]
Apr 13: Lower Body A + Cardio Intervals[55 mins]
Apr 14: Upper Body B + Cardio Intervals[50 mins]
Apr 25: Upper Body A + Cardio[45 mins]
Apr 26: Lower Body A + Cardio[45 mins]
Apr 27: Upper Body B + Cardio Intervals[45 mins]
Apr 28: Upper Body C[30 mins]
Apr 30: Upper Body A + Finisher for time(10:05:38) + Cardio

I've let Lindsey know that I may be cutting back on some of the formal workouts now to give me more time for playing outdoors in my gardens and getting in some walks around the neighborhood.

I have signed up for Nutrition Coaching though. I've been doing some stress eating lately, I can't seem to help myself. I'm hoping that having a plan and being accountable in the form of a weekly check in will help.

I actually got out to do a bit of digging in the garden for the first time today. It seems late, but I've just felt like I had so many other things to do. There were other things that I probably should have been doing today, but I took an hour (which flew by way too quickly) to plant some bulbs and do some weeding. Things are really coming alive out there and the weather is pretty fantastic. Hope this is a sign of a good summer coming up!


Christy said...

I can't wait for your spring and summer garden posts!!

Miz said...

and I cant wait to hear more about the coaching!!

are you excited? apprehensive?

Sagan said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about the nutrition coaching. Keep us all up to date on it!

JavaChick said...

To answer Miz - I am apprehensive about the nutrition coaching. But I figured it was time to bite the bullet and give it a try.

Jennifer Spinney Gutierrez said...

Nutrition coach? Sounds too much like a commitment. lol! Perhaps surprisingly, I have become the queen of stress eating. And with three kids in the house there is never a chocolate shortage. We still have half a box of foil eggs and two and a half large bunnies from easter.

So far it doesn't show because i dont have time to eat regular meals. But the countdown is on, the next six weeks will be hell with all the school year wrap up, moving and possible job changes.

Those bunnies had better watch their backs! this comment is looking more like a blog post, lol.

good luck!

JavaChick said...

Ah, stress eating; I know it well...Hence the nutrition coach. Watch out for those bunnies!