Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap Up



I have a sad little workout summary to post for October. What can I say? It’s been a bit of a crazy month.

Oct 01: NROL Phase 1 Workout B + Treadmill Walk[60 mins]
Oct 17: NROL Phase 1 Workout A[25 mins]
Oct 18: Cardio Intervals[40 mins]
Oct 20: NROL Phase 1 Workout B + Cardio [45 mins]
Oct 24: NROL Phase 1 Workout A + Cardio [35 mins]
Oct 26: NROL Phase 1 Workout B [25 mins]
Oct 31 Cardio Intervals[22 mins]

Almost every weekend I have  spend at least an afternoon out puttering around the yard, trying to get the garden put to bed for the season. I planned to finish that job this Sunday, but the weather was really nasty so I ended up puttering around indoors instead.

This morning I pulled out a pair of gloves for the first time this season and I was glad I had them on the way to and from work.

Frank has wasted no time taking over Husband’s side of the bed while he is away. That would sound really bad if you didn’t know that Frank is a cat. But you know that, right? So we’re good.


Looks like he can’t  wait for Husband to come home, doesn’t he?

Since Husband and I planned to use Skype for chatting while he is in Japan, I figured I would take an actual photo to use for my profile, instead of my usual cartoon avatar. I figured Husband might actually like seeing my face.

Mostly, I hate photos of myself though. I have this picture in my head of what I look like, and somehow whenever I see a photo I think: how can that be me? I suppose it has something to do with getting older, and gaining weight. I am not the skinny 25 year old I once was.

And yet, somehow on Sunday I managed to get a photo that looks like me. It’s all in the camera angle and lighting. First reaction was relief – there I am! I still look like me after all! Followed quickly by the feeling that I am somehow cheating. Because I managed to find a good camera angle and natural light. How does that even make sense?

But for the record – here I am, looking like myself.


So there.


Miz said...

and yourself looks happy beautiful and radiant.

and I love frank.
which would sound weird if you didnt know he was a cat :)

the Bag Lady said...

That is a fabulous picture of you! And I love Frank, too. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, you look positively beautiful! If I had a face that pretty I'd have mirrors hanging on every wall of the house. Thanks for sharing that!

JavaChick said...

Aw, thanks you guys! You are all very sweet. Frank & I appreciate it. :)