Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Summary

I don’t know what to say about September. Our unpredictable weather has continued. Things have been busy- as usual. Exercise has been off and on. I’ve just been doing my best to keep up I guess. And now it’s October. How’d that happen?

Stealing a photo from my last past as this is indeed a good representation of September’s workouts.


Though of course, there have been some other activities thrown in there for variety.

I’ve done 4 New Rules of Lifting workouts (2 different plans, 2 x each) and the biggest surprise is how short the workouts are. I worked hard, but it was over fast.Even though I actually followed the instructions and rested between sets, which I normally wouldn’t do (I usually turn these types of plans into a circuit where I move from one exercise to another, instead of completing all sets of one with rests in between – based on this post by Charlotte I’m not alone). Nothing in either of the workouts I did was new to me, and yet I finished the first workout thinking “something was different about that workout”…Then I realized it was only 5 exercises. Huh. That’s different.

My feeling thus far is that I am happy to have another option for getting in a  good strength workout in a short amount of time. The more options I have, the more I can switch things up, which I like. Keeps things interesting.

September’s Summary:

Sep 06: Zumba Rush DVD[20 mins]
Sep 07: Jackie Warner Xtreme Power Circuit DVD + Treadmill walk[45 mins]
Sep 08: Walk[24 mins]I
Sep 10: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training DVD + Treadmill Walk[60 mins]
Sep 12: Treadmill Walk w/Intervals[30 mins]
Sep 13: Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training DVD[30 mins]
Sep 14: Zumba Cardio Party DVD[45 mins]
Sep 15: Treadmill Walk + NROLFW Phase 1 Workout A[50 mins]
Sep 20: Treadmill Walk + NROLFW Phase 1 Workout B[45 mins]
Sep 21: Zumba Activate DVD[40 mins]
Sep 22: Ellen Barret Barefoot Cardio DVD[45 mins]
Sep 24: NROLFW Phase 1 Workout A[30? min]
Sep 28: Jackie Warner Xtreme Power Circuit [30 min]
Sep 30: Yoga For Weight Loss #1 + Zumba Live DVD[75 min]

Other than that, I shall leave you with photos of sleeping cats…





The sad amount of tomatoes I’ve been getting from my garden this year…




And Sunflowers. I planted a bunch. Only 3 came up. But it’s nice to see something cheery in my poor garden.



the Bag Lady said...

Your tomatoes look good! I bought a variety of black tomatoes this year, but they haven't ripened yet, so I don't know what they will be like.

I did not plant a single sunflower, but my flowerbed is full of them.... thanks to the birds! (Hmmm, maybe I should move the birdfeeders away from the flowerbed.... nah.)

Crabby McSlacker said...

You can never have too many photos of sleeping cats! Yours are always so cute.

Am impressed by your exercise report! You are so much better at slipping in variety than I am.

And if you can figure out how it got to be October aready, please let me know!

Miz said...


Im hanging with her this morning (ok via dvd :)) too.

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - the cherry & grape tomatoes have been great, everything was just so late that the other plants are pretty much dying off and I'm having to pick the tomatoes green. Sigh.

Crabby - Thanks for the perspective! I tend to see the variety as inability to stick to a routine...But being active regularly is hopefully the most important part.

Miz - I enjoy working out with Jackie too! Also, via DVD. :)