Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 24: Sunshine & Super Moon

This past week has been really lovely - wish I'd been on vacation! Still, we've all enjoyed it. Monday night I went to Zumba, but Tuesday & Wednesday evenings I got out and enjoyed the weather. It's really perfect at the moment: sunny, but pleasant temperature, not many bugs of the black fly/mosquito type yet, so you can be outside without being bitten.

Wednesday night I may have overdone things a bit though. I wasn't sore after my very first TRX class last Friday, which I thought I might be, because if I'm going to get sore it is usually after trying something new. I wasn't sore after spending most of Sunday planting my garden. Wednesday, I did one of my usual DVD workouts right after work, had dinner, then went out and did some weeding. I enjoy being outside in the good weather, but I like to have something to do, and there are still plenty of weeds out there to pull. I thought nothing of it.

Thursday morning I woke up with screaming quad muscles. Possibly some other as well, but the quads were the loudest. I hobbled about on my sore legs all day, was exhausted by mid-afternoon. By 8 pm I was actually contemplating going to bed, except I had to wait for the cats to get in their evening romp. I was actually tired on Friday too, but over the weekend I felt better.

I happened to see mention of the fact that the full moon this weekend was going to be the closest full moon of the year. It certainly was looking big and bright in the sky last week.


 Of course on Saturday when I went out to look, it was behind the trees. Still made for a bit of an interesting photo once I cropped it.

And  last night (Sunday) it was foggy, so I couldn't see anything.

The forecast for this week is not looking so great at the moment, hoping that will change. It was foggy in town all day today, but when I got home it was nice and sunny in our neighborhood, so I was able to get out and finish my planting. I actually feel like I accomplished quite a bit this week; everything is planted, now I just have to sit back and wait for it all to grow. More or less. 

We had a  slow start this spring, but it's amazing how quickly things fill in once they get started. So once my seeds and transplants get going, I'm sure it will be the same; it always seems like they are hardly growing at all, then suddenly everything takes off.

All of this to say, basically, that I had a really good week. It wasn't about workouts or diet plans, but it was about living and enjoying the things I like to do. Which is the point of this healthy living thing after all.


solarity said...

The moon here stayed behind the clouds during its fullness, so your pictures are satisfying.

(I love the Tardis more every time you show it.)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Jess said...

Love your moon pictures!! Sounds like a lovely week! What a pretty garden!

JavaChick said...

Mary Anne - Thanks! I never get tired of seeing that blue box in my garden. I'm so glad I followed through on that idea when it popped into my head. My Dad did a fabulous job, especially when you consider he's never watched Doctor Who. Also, the moon really was beautiful last week - glad you enjoyed the photos!

Jess - Thanks! I'm a country girl living in the city (albeit a small city) so I really enjoy my garden.