Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Harvest

First there was this.


Then there was this.


Then I ate them. Did share some with Husband. They were very tasty.

Though the eating was preceeded by Husband inquiring "Are you taking a picture of your peas?" Followed by his shaking his head and walking away.

But they were the first peas I ever grew my own self.

So, things in my little veggie plot are coming along. One good thing about it being small is that I can easily keep it watered.


Cats lounging in it may not be the most helpful thing.


But doesn't he look good in green?


And George can never get enough affection.



So, starting from the nearest end in the photo above, we have...

Parsley and two thyme plants (one on either side of the parsley) that I got at the green house. Beside that, cilantro, dill and green onions. Then two Window Box Roma tomato plants. No blossom activity on the Roma tomatoes yet.


Here we have two Sugary Grape Tomato plants (at the back, starting to blossom now). In the front we have some pepper plants...can't remember which ones now. Between the tomato plants at the back there are Sunflowers coming up. Then in the middle, between the tomatoes & peppers there are Dwarf Sunflowers. Wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but did it anyway.


Next, my Scotia tomato plants which have green tomatoes on them already. More pepper plants in front, more sunflowers in and around things. However, you may be able to notice in this photo and the one previous, there are a couple of pepper plants missing. A new variety I had tried starting from seed this year that didn't survive when I transplanted them outside. A little disappointing.

Also, in the row between the tomatoes and the peppers, some basil seedlings coming up. I planted parsley, but it did not come up at all. I don't know why, but I can never get parsley to grow from seed.


Scotia Tomato

Here, not actually sure what these tomato plants are. I didn't label them. I was thinking they were more of the Roma tomatoes, but as they grew I decided they looked more like the grape tomato plants, though smaller so I must have started them later.

And in front, more basil, then peppers.


Tomatoes, herbs, peppers...These would be things that I love.

At the back, two pea plants and three green bean plants. Then a row of Pak Choi, though the end of that row didn't grow. But I've noticed Fred likes to sit himself down there and relax, so maybe that has something to do with it.

The row in front was supposed to be lettuce, but there are only two brave little sprouts coming up there. There are however, more Pak Choi plants at the edge of the bed. Must have dropped some seeds.


And, at the end, I have a mishmash of things...Two more tomato plants, four cayenne pepper plants, and some oregano, all from the green house. On the very end, fennel and catnip, though only a few catnip plants came up.


Cayenne Pepper


I went to the garden center looking for a large pot because I had some tomatillos growing in a pot that was really not big enough. Found a pot. Also found some sad looking little Cupid Tomato plants that needed a good home. Fortunately, there were two pots.


Also, a couple of Sweet Red Pepper plants, to replace the two plants that died on me.


But that's it. I won't add anymore. It's the middle of July already.


the Bag Lady said...

I'm jealous of your peas! I noticed some of mine were starting to make pods the other day - I'll have to check them tomorrow and see how they are coming along.
Yum...nothing like fresh peas eaten straight out of the pod!

Everything looks really good in your garden! Including the cats! :)

JavaChick said...

Thanks Bag Lady. I'm pretty happy with it, considering it was my first try at putting in a vegetable garden. And I do enjoy having the cats keep me company while I'm working in the garden. :)

Jaime said...

I'm so moving in with you. :)

Purrfect Fence said...

Hi! This is Katie from Purrfect Fence. I would love to get some pictures and a testimonial for our site. I came across your blog and absolutely fell in love with your kitties. I also love what you have done with your garden and would love to send your blog or an article to Horticulture Magazine (we advertise there) and see if they would use it. Please email me. I want to hear all about your experience with Purrfect Fence.

Unknown said...

He looks gorgeous in green:)

Vegetables fresh from the garden are the BEST kind. Thats great that your garden is growing so beautifully!

Unknown said...

Your garden and flowers are sure taking off! Looking really good. :)

I hope you had a wonderful time out camping here and the last one looked really fun!

Take care!