Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Garden Update: First Pea Flowers

Most of these pictures were taken last Friday, but I'm just getting around to posting now. Cause there was that whole trip to Nova Scotia post. And then the Strawberry Shortcake post. But really, it's high time I got back to the garden.

Friday night, was thrilled to see my first pea blossoms.


I have never grown peas before, though of course my parents did/do, so it's not like I've never seen pea plants, but this is the first time they were my very own.

These are Sugar Snap Peas (which I love despite the fact that I am normally not a big fan of peas. Husband always says: "you are so random."). When I excitedly pointed these out to Husband on the weekend, he wanted to know why I had planted peas in the flower garden.


At the time, I wasn't sure I was going to get my veggie patch this year and I was determined to plant something, so there they are. Pea plants are kind of pretty anyway.

My Japanese Snow Mound Spirea is also in bloom.


The irises are all finished now. I honestly feel like the irises are the best phase of my garden; I really miss that vibrant purple. The irises bloom in June, I think I need to find something colourful for the months of July & August.


The Day Lilies are just starting, so that will bring some colour back (I just really miss the purple).


On Friday, I also discovered my first little green tomato.


And I took this picture tonight...


It's already grown. So exciting!

Ok. To me it is exciting.

Tonight I also got a picture of my first Cayenne Pepper. So tiny.


So things seem to be progressing nicely. I also have little green onions sprouting in my veggie garden, along with some herbs, more peas and some beans. I felt like I was throwing that vegetable garden together in a rush, but so far so good. It's looking like I might actually harvest something.

It's a good feeling.


Crabby McSlacker said...

So pretty--and healthy too!

I like sugar snap peas too. Any vegetable with "sugar" in the name is at least trying to be friendly so deserves a turn at the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

I hath a black thumb.

that's it.

carry on with yer wednesday.


the Bag Lady said...

Love the garden photos!
As far as having purple later on in the garden, try some delphiniums. They are a perennial, and bloom a little later (and a little longer) than the irises. I bought mine as bedding plants, and they bloomed the first year and have just kept on over the years. (something to think about for next year.)
My (Oriental?) lilies are just starting to bloom - will probably post photos of those tomorrow.

Jaime said...

I LOVE your garden posts. Like I've said before, one day my yards hopes to grow up and be like your yard.

We are thinking about fencing in underneath our deck (it's an eyesore under there) with some nice lattice so I think that will be a lovely place to test out some peas!

JavaChick said...

Bag lady - will keep an eye out for delphiniums. Thanks for the tip!

Bionic - Peas are fun! So far, they seem to be pretty easy to grow, the flowers are nice, and you should end up with peas to eat! :)