Friday, May 1, 2009

April Review/May Plan

During April I got back to a more normal workout routine. Not sure why this winter was so hard, but it seems that I've finally shaken it off.


April 30: Burn & Firm Pilates[45 mins]
April 28: Treadmill wak/jog[45 mins]
April 27: Treadmill walk + Hip Opening Flow #4[75 mins]
April 26: Hard Core Fusion[55 mins]
April 25: Treadmill walk/jog + Gentle Hatha Yoga #3[75 mins]
April 23: Kathy Smith Cardio Fat Burner[30mins]
April22: Hi-Def Sculpt[45 mins]
April 21: Treadmill walk/jog + Detox Yoga #1[65 mins]
April 20: Treadmill walk[45 mins]
April 18: Treadmill walk + Yoga for Runners[70 mins]
April 16: Treadmill walk/jog + Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[65 mins]
April 15: Slim Sculpt[45 mins]
April 14: Treadmill walk[90 mins]
April 13: Burn & Firm Pilates + Treadmill walk[90 mins]
April 12: Yoga Energizer + Treadmill walk/jog + Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[75 mins]
April 10: Cardio Sculpt + Yoga for Runners[55 mins]
April 09: Treadmill walk[60 mins]
April 08: Warrior Workout + Treadmill walk/jog[60 mins]
April 06: Treadmill walk/jog[45 minutes]
April 05: Burn & Firm Pilates[45 mins]
April 04: Treadmill walk + Gentle Hatha Yoga #1[80 mins]
April 03: Treadmill walk/jog[45 mins]
April 01: Fat Burning Pilates + Chest/Back/Shoulders[55 mins]

The plan for May is pretty much more of the same, probably with some gardening thrown in. Edit May 2nd: I finally caved to curiosity and procured a copy of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Let's see if 30 days with Jillian will help me drop some of those pesky pounds.

The last day of April was a lovely warm sunny day. I'm glad I took a little time after work to get out and enjoy a wander around the yard because today was rainy, grey and gloomy.

While I was watering my seedlings yesterday, I turned the trays around. This tray is mostly all varieties of basil. It already smells like basil!


The two plants with the big leaves here are Mongkut Cucumber plants, a small Asian cucumber. The plants can be tied to a stake or trellis, which is good for me and my tiny garden. I've never tried growing them before, so it will be interesting to see what happens.


And look what I found out in the yard! My first violas and tulips getting ready to bloom.





~Laura said...

I have also started basil seedlings and tomatoes. I am so proud that they are actually sprouting!

I also planed some chive seeds. Mint planted in the flowerbed for mint tea.

Morning glories are sprouted in the ground from seed and also wildflowers. I am so happy to be back to gardening even though it is in very small areas right now. but everything has to start somewhere.

Are you growing your seedlings inside or outside?

Have a great weekend!

JavaChick said...

Hi Laura! I've started my seeds indoors. We have a short growing season here, so for some things it's better to get a head start indoors. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll be able to move things outside.

I have had some early flowers like crocuses and my tulips are starting to bloom now. I get so excited as I watch things grow! I really have a lot of fun with gardening. :)

the Bag Lady said...

I have a few things coming up in my garden, too! And some seedlings in the house (not as far along as yours, though!) I love gardening.

The Merry said...

Oooh, I've got herb-envy. My basil seeds did zilch, zip, and nada. I'll have to go out and buy some, just for the aromatherapy. I love the smell of fresh basil :)

JavaChick said...

Bag Lady - I was surprised to discover how much I love gardening but I am so glad I am able to do it!

Merry - Fresh basil smells wonderful! I love getting a whiff as I'm tending my little seedlings. :)