Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday

Yesterday was sunny, but breezy. After work Husband went out to light the BBQ and there was a squirrel on the fence giving a good scolding to anyone within earshot. Kept it up for quite a while too. Husband said at one point it was looking right at him, but by that time I was inside.


I had every intention of working out in the yard after supper, but by then the wind was feeling quite chilly, so I confess I could not convince myself to go out.

Today it was much warmer - it was beautiful when we got home from work.

My next round of tulips are blooming. This was taken from the opposite side of the yard, outside the fence.


I went for a walk around the fence and could see the Fabulous Felines were out enjoying the late afternoon sun.


All day long at work I was thinking about the gardens and what task I should tackle this evening. I finally decided I should clean up the flower bed by the driveway and put in the plants I'd picked up at the garden center on Saturday. Of course I had an audience.


Here's a before shot...


Unfortunately, by the time I finished weeding and trimming I didn't have time to put in my transplants, so the after doesn't look all that much different.


I wanted to get a better shot of the tulips, but by the time I got to them it was getting dark and the flash went off. I'll have to try again tomorrow.



Jaime said...

So do different types of tulips bloom at different times? My first little batch died already but I noticed a second set came out while I was away and I'm pretty sure there's a third set on it's way up.

Crissy Rae said...

The tulips are beautiful-such pretty colors. I bet it's nice to have the green grass and bright colors again.

Miz said...

I used to not love flowers.
at all.
Didnt get why they made people smile or relaxed people to tend to them.

I so get that now.
does that mean Im getting old?


JavaChick said...

Bionic - Yes; many different types with different blooming times. With a little planning, can make for a flower-filled spring.

Crystal - I am loving the warm weather and green growing things!

Miz - Let's call it growing and changing! I never would have thought I'd be so excited about gardening. Who knew?

The Merry said...

I love the tulips too. Half the ones I planted last year didn't come up, but I'm hoping they're just 'resting' and maybe will make an appearance next year.
Gardening involves a lot of hoping.

Missicat said...

Very pretty. I love how cats so enjoy watching us work!