Monday, December 21, 2009

Vacation Mode


I always think that if I’ve got time off work blogging will be easier to fit in. The reality is that when I’ve got time off work and I’m not on my regular schedule, I can’t be bothered to sit down at the computer.

Friday & Saturday I did take photos of all my meals. But then Friday night Husband picked me up after work and we met friends to see Avatar which was fun. Saturday we just hung out around home. It seemed strange not to be rushing around trying to get the grocery shopping done and cleaning…But also kind of nice.

Yesterday and today we spent shopping, shopping shopping. Mostly to get Husband’s Christmas shopping done. He was off all last week and I thought he was going to get out and do some of it then, but apparently that never happened. So, out we went, yesterday & today.

At one point today Husband suggested that we could head home and go out again tomorrow. I think I almost became hysterical. So we stayed out and got it all done. I was soooo happy when Husband reminded me that we had leftovers in the fridge for supper. I am wiped out.

We’ve got the next two days at home to do cleaning and so on, then Thursday morning we are off to Nova Scotia until Sunday.

So for now, I leave you with tonight’s dinner – leftover pizza and a much needed rum & coke.


And if you’ve got cats? I picked up these treats at the pet store today and both of my cats gobbled them right up.



Happy Holidays everyone!



Gina; The Candid RD said...

I know what you mean. When I'm off work, I want to shop, clean, bake, cook, anything but look at a computer!

The pizza looks so good. I love a good pizza, but lately I've been burning the roof of my mouth with all the hot winter foods (soups/hot chocolate). Hot cheese scares me, haha.

carla said...

Im with ya.


the Bag Lady said...

Happy Holidays, JavaChick!

Enjoy your time off, and I hope your Christmas in Nova Scotia is wonderful!

Sagan said...

Happy Holidays! It's good to take a break from the computer when you can. I know I sure have been!

Shirls said...

I'll have to look for those treats as I'm sure my furry ones would love them!

that much shopping in one day this close to christmas? YOU are a fab wife girl! I couldn't have done it, the thought of a mall in december makes me shiver.. he is a lucky man!

have a wonderful holiday!