Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 13: Not Much

I feel like I have not much to say this week; mostly I feel like I've been off my game.

Food-wise things definitely haven't been so great and I was feeling the effects at the beginning of last week. That made it easier to want to do better, but it's always a bit harder when Husband is home. Some lessons there for both of us I think.

Any-who, that needs to be my focus right now. Eat healthy stuff, watch the portions....doesn't sound like it should be so hard, right? Ha.

Exercise is not fantastic, but not terrible. Getting in the minimum I guess. I think part of the problem is the weather turned cold again, and it's freezing in the office. Logically, I'd want to do some exercise because it would warm me up. The reality is I just want to curl up under a blanket.

I had been going to Zumba twice a week, but one of the classes got changed to Zumba Circuit which I don't enjoy as much. Honestly, I am a home body, and once I get home after working all day, I don't really want to go anywhere. I enjoy Zumba enough that I bestir myself to go. But for the rest, I have weights and lots of DVDs at home and I feel like I can get a pretty good workout on my own (or with Jackie Warner), in less time. I don't have to wait until class time, I can get to it as soon as I get home, which leaves more of my evening free. All sounds pretty good to me.

So, as I was leaving Zumba tonight, the instructor asked if she'd see me for the Circuit class on Wednesday. I said maybe, and commented that I feel like I can do that kind of workout at home just as well. She replied that I wouldn't work as hard as I would in class.

Now, I am not criticizing my instructor because she really is awesome. And I won't say it didn't cross my mind that it would probably be good to go once in a while just because they do incorporate equipment that I don't have at home (TRX, Bosu ball) and it's good to throw in some new moves now and then. But aside from that, I feel like I work pretty hard at home and it fits with schedule (or laziness) better. Granted, I have bad days where I drag myself through a workout and maybe don't put in as much effort...but I don't think being in a class would necessarily make a lot of difference if that's how I'm feeling. Maybe I'm wrong.

So this is my question to you: Do you feel you need to be in a class or have a trainer standing over you to get in a good workout? If you are working out on your own, do you still push yourself? Do you work out just as hard when no one is watching?


solarity said...

After nearly thirty years of yoga, which discourages competitiveness even with yourself, I know I work out as hard, or not, at home as in a class. I am focused wholly on listening to my body.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Jess said...

I think I do work harder in the gym most of the time. But I do a lot of at home workouts and they can be really challenging too. I totally get you when it's cold and you want to be under a blanket not heading out the door to workout! I think if it works better for you do it at home!

MIZ said...

I work out best on my own BUT I dont push myself either.
Ive gone the consistency route instead--it's just what works for me.


HappinessSavouredHot (Julie Saint-Mleux) said...

Hey JavaChick!

You are in NB I gather? I scrolled down your blog, and I can say that we have the same deer in our NS backyard! :-)

I was serious about the posting of our pictures and have people guess our age! Would you be willing to try that? You can write me an email:

m l e u x j at g m a i l dot c o m


JavaChick said...

Thanks for weighing in everyone!

Mary Anne - I admire your dedication to your yoga practice!

Jess - My philosophy is to make it easy on myself so I get it done; I find it a lot easier to trundle down to my basement than to drag myself out of the house.

Miz - Agree with you on the consistency thing.

HSH - Originally from Nova Scotia, but yes I live in NB now...It's been almost 14 years but I'm still a Nova Scotia girl at heart. :)