Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week 15: Frank Still Missing

It has not been a good week. If I start writing about it, I will write a whole bunch of sad stuff, so I won't. I'm  heartbroken.  I want my cat back. That about covers it.

Just in case someone out there is googling, and missed the ads on kijiji and Facebook:

Missing in Millidgeville, Saint John, NB
Light / silver grey / gray tabby - Maine Coon Mix - approx. 17 lbs
His name is Frank, he is usually a little wary of strangers but is a gentle, good natured cat
Please email


MIZ said...




Christy said...

I'm praying that someone finds Frank and brings him back home. xo

solarity said...

Praying, also. Please, Frank, hear us.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

He's home!

solarity said...

So glad to hear that!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

He's back?!?!?!