Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 14: Frank is Missing

Frank has been missing since Friday morning. Needless to say, it has not been a good weekend. Mostly I have been bawling, tramping through the woods, and watching a lot of TV because it keeps me distracted.

We have checked with the SPCA and reported him missing. I've posted an ad on kijiji which I shared on Facebook.

I know it is not unheard of for cats to go missing for several days and then come home. I just can't help thinking that if he was able to come home, he would have. Still, I can't stop staring out windows, checking the front step and the patio, looking for him to come trotting up the stairs.

Basically my heart is breaking and I'm not doing very well with anything else right now.


Unknown said...

thinking about you.


Jaime said...

This breaks my heart. Frank, come home. Please. xo

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh no!

Sending hugs and hopeful thoughts. We've had cats go missing and it was terrifying. But, you're right, they usually do make their way back as they are pretty resourceful.

solarity said...

I hope he's out having a spring fling, and comes back safely soon!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

JavaChick said...

Thanks all. Sixth day and still no sign of him. :(

Dog_geek said...

Don't give up! One of our indoor-only cats has gotten out a few times - once was gone overnight, and one time he was gone for 9 days but returned on his own, unscathed. Some great resources for searching for your cat (and a great support group can be found at Cats in the BAG:

And the Missing Pet PArtnership has some excellent information as well:

Especially check out

Good luck - I hope you find him soon!!

the Bag Lady said...

Oh, no! Frank - come home! Your buddy misses you!
I hope he shows up soon.