Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh hey! It's September...

Remember when I was posting  once a week? Yeah, me too, just barely.

I was tired. I was frustrated with myself, scolding myself for all the things I felt I was doing wrong or not doing. Because I was tired.

We were finally having decent summer weather, and I was tired.

So I decided to just stop.

We were finally having decent summer weather, and I didn't want to waste it being tired and frustrated and mean to myself. So there.

I spent quiet evenings, weekend afternoons, sitting in the garden with my book, camera and Fabulous Felines.

We've had a lot of challenges over the past year. Nothing truly disastrous, just a lot of little things. You get over one, and you take a step forward, looking forward to life getting back to normal, and oops! There's another one. There have been disturbing things going on with Husband's work, we keep waiting for a resolution; and waiting and waiting. Things have been busy, busy, busy and my work, which should be good, but it does tire a person out when it never seems to slow down. Then there was some reorganization of teams, so you have to adjust. And you're busy.

I think I was stressed without being fully aware of how stressed.

I took some extra vacation days around the long weekend, and it's been good. Well, the first couple of days not as good as they might have been because there was some bad news (work related), but it's been restful.

Back to work tomorrow, and while I wouldn't say I'm raring to go, I'm feeling okay.

August Workouts
05: Jackie Warner Power Circuit
06: Dug up my garlic
12: Jackie Warner One On One Training - UB+LB
14: Crunch Fat Burning Pilates
15: Jackie Warner Power Circuit
19: Jackie Warner Power Pyramid Training
21: Jackie Warner Power Circuit
27: Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates


MIZ said...

Im hanging with JACKIE WARNER (ok VIRTUALLY :)) in september.
I love me some her.

JavaChick said...

@Miz - I love that Jackie Warner's circuit DVDs are quick while still being an effective workout.

solarity said...

Sitting in the garden with books and cats sounds wonderful.

Mary Anne in Kentucky