Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Week 3: Okay

I think it was a pretty good week. We had lots of nice, sunny weather. And,  uh...nothing bad happened? Don't you hate those weeks when you can't actually remember what you did? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I guess it was just an average week. The usual get up, go to work, come home, repeat; nothing stands out. I am still feeling a lot better. Work is still busy, but good busy, not so much of the panic type busy.

So yeah. I should find some other things to talk about...

I have been re-reading Katharine Kerr's Deverry series. I read a bunch years ago, and there have been some new books since then, including the finale of the series. But it had been so long that I just started all over again, and I finished on Friday. Fifteen books (I had to look that up just now, I didn't count while I was reading). It was good to finally get the ending, but it's always a bit sad when you come to the end of something like that and realize that there is no more.

Now I'm reading the latest Richard Castle novel, which is a change of pace, to say the least.

I'm still taking piano lessons and I've been doing some nice pieces in piano lessons lately. Sometimes the pieces in the lesson book are not so enjoyable, which makes it harder to practice. But recently there was an Etude by Chopin, and right now I'm doing Musetta's Waltz which is lovely.  A simple version obviously, but I'm enjoying it.

On Friday I picked a few tomatoes, the most I've picked at once so far this year. There are still so many green ones out there; they don't want to ripen this year!

Today was a busy at home day. Some laundry, some cleaning. I made a small batch of salsa and then tomato sauce for supper.


It had been a pretty nice day for the most part - back and forth between sun and cloud, then suddenly there was a downpour. The patio door was open, and we didn't realize right away, so by the time we went to close it we had quite the puddle on our kitchen floor. Our bedroom window is on the same side of the house, and we have a portable air conditioner hooked up. We didn't think about that, until I happened to go in to  gather up some laundry and water was coming in around the air conditioner vent. I got good and wet in the time it took me to open the window a crack, remove the insert, and close the window all the way.

I was sitting by the living room window, and after it rained itself out I noticed a squirrel and a cardinal out in the cherry tree. I was actually surprised that the cardinal was hanging around so long, and I wondered  if it was wanting the squirrel to leave so it could get at the sunflower seeds in the feeder.

The squirrel gave in and left, and, sure enough, the cardinal went straight for the sunflower seeds - and I headed straight for the spare room window where there was a better view for my camera.

Meanwhile, the squirrel was hanging out in the maple tree, so everyone was happy!




MIZ said...

I love that youre taking piano.
youve got me thinking I want to start taking clarinet lessons again.
it's been two decades...

Sagan said...

YUM salsa and tomato sauce!

My piano is looking so dusty these days. At some point I'll get back into it ;)

Jess said...

I play the piano when I can find time and it is so nice!! Some pieces are definitely a pain to learn. That cardinal is beautiful and the squirrel so cute! We don't get either of those here.

So cool you grow your own tomatoes! We have planted some but no luck yet